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12 Around 1, Miners, and Me

I have a vast treasure trove of articles that I posted on a now defunct forum called "Stargate Zero 2012". I was a forum administrator for over 7 years. I was very upset when one day it just disappeared and all the wonderful articles were gone. That forum was my indoctrination into a new way to view all of life, as deeper, richer and find that connections abound. I often wonder if these connections are just happenstance or did we ourselves leave signposts to help guide us through the maze.

This is the beginning of my journey into finding a signpost:
Perhaps some of you may wonder why I just won’t leave West Virginia and the Sago Mine disaster alone. Well to be honest I wonder myself. But this story caused a strange rift to happen inside me. Almost like someone drilled a bore hole in my brain and flicked a light switch that opened up a strange doorway into a whole new way of seeing life and ordinary common events. And many strange things have continued to happen to me since. And not all of them good, but many are. Almost as if by journeying down this deep mine I took on my own journey to find the Golden Fleece.

Caves are deep dark areas of all human psyches, and anyone who has the courage to overcome their fear of the dark and hidden enclosed spaces are to be considered heroic in my viewpoint. Caves scare the hell out of me. Being trapped deep underground is something that I don’t think I mentally could survive. The dark hidden places within the earth seem to hold a very intense fascination for all of us. Something within all of our buried unconscious remembers this and it is a piece of our unremembered history.

The original story of who we are and where we came from starts with us being miners and cave dwellers. Miners to the brothers Enki and Enlil. And all the “Hollow Earth” stories of strange beings and men from the stars. You have to admit it does resonate in you.

The Sago Mine Disaster is like one of those hidden picture stories for me. You hold it one way and a unique story appears, hold it another way and another story appears. And strangely enough all the stories are stories within other stories and they all relate to who we are and where we came from.

12 around 1. Everything within our present existence is based upon this. 13 miners were lost and 1 miraculously survived.

Take a look at a clock face. Take a look at the painting of the Last Supper with Jesus.

12 around 1 is all about us discovering the sacred geometry of life and who we truly are.

Many strange synchronicities started to appear when I started looking at Sago. And like I said some were not good.

Randal came out of the mine in a deep coma. On the exact same day Ariel Sharon in Israel went into a coma that he never has come out of. The miners wrote stories of just going to sleep and I’ll see you on the other side. One of my dearest friends in the midst of Sago just went to sleep and never woke up. Her name was Sharon.

Weeping uncontrollably, somehow feeling responsible for her death for “looking” at Sago, I felt that I was trapped deep underground also. One night during all this darkness I was in my kitchen making dinner and pulled out plates out of the cabinet to serve dinner. Looking down at the plates my heart stopped. Right there in my hand was 12 around 1.

When my husband and I first got married money was tight and we started life out together with practically nothing. We had a bed, a TV, a folding card table with 4 chairs and no plates, silverware or pots and pans.

Our grocery store used to offer dinner plates for free if you spent around $20, and trust me $20 was a LOT of money back then. So over the years I have collected a mishmash of plates this way. Some I have 4 of, some 3 and some 2. But this particular plate I only have one of. And it is the first plate that we started our journey together with. Standing there in my kitchen holding this plate, that had sat there all these years, followed me from home to home, waiting silently, patiently for me to one day really see it and know that something or someone was speaking to me.

It is a perfect example of 12 around 1 and the flower of life.

Now if I haven’t totally convinced you of my craziness, if you’re interested take a journey with me to discover all the secret, hidden things that are locked up in this crazy ride of life.

And many tears later, I can read this article with new wisdom -

Roof Collapse Kills Miner in Eastern Ky.

PIKEVILLE, Ky. - A roof collapse at an eastern Kentucky coal mine killed one miner, a state official said.

The rock fall occurred about 900 feet inside the Maverick Mining Co. LLC mine in Pikeville, near the Virginia line, said Chuck Wolfe, spokesman for the Kentucky Office of Mine Safety and Licensing

And now we are back to 13. And on the other side of the river in Pikeville. Home of The Hatfields and McCoys. And home to where the families held a truce in 2003 and finally realized that we are all brothers and sisters.

All I know is that this story has opened my heart (my third eye) and leads me ever onward. The deaths along the way are so frightening to me. I spent the entire weekend frightened and curled up into a ball. I refused to look at it or go anywhere near it. So frightened. Was I making this happen? Just by looking at it?

I think that is my ego talking to me. Only God can make this happen.

This story happened late last week. I refused to talk about it, or look at it, I didn’t want anyone else to die. But they did.

One of my dearest friends died late Saturday night. Her name was Sharon. She was an angel. She rescued animals and homeless people. She loved life, she loved people. She was very special and kind.

She just went to sleep and never woke up. She just stopped breathing. She was 49 on Christmas Eve. I am going to her wake today. It is at 2099 Miner Street in Des Plaines, Illinois.

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