Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Gardener
The Mysterious Gardener
Stuart Wilde
{Excerpted from Plum Red by Stuart Wilde (unpublished)}
A tale about your silent power.
Many years ago in old China, there were a group of small villages on the banks of a muddy tributary of a great river in the province of Shan Tung. The villagers were very poor. The crops often failed, and the river flooded from time-to-time, making matters worse. The water really wasn't very clean; it carried disease and parasites, which affected animals, and sometimes the villagers became sick. At harvest time, bandits would come down from the hills, attacking the villages, and they would carry off the crop. The villagers' lives were miserable, brutal and hard.
They got together and decided they would build a temple, hoping that through prayer and dedication, their fortunes might change. The land around there was not particularly fertile or attractive, but there was a very nice spot under a small hill, which had a stream running past it. They consulted with a local master who knew where the dragon lines flowed, and he decided that that spot would be an auspicious place to build the temple. He insisted the temple be placed so that the hill was behind it.
Work commenced, and the villagers began hauling stones and digging the foundations, and about forty of them, men and women, were involved in the activity. Each took turns to work on the temple, then he or she would return to their work in fields, and so in this way the temple gradually got going in fits and starts.
They had been working about a month, when a stranger walked into the village. He seemed young. He was tall and strong, but not muscular. He sat by the village well, not far from the building site. The villagers were suspicious of him; they wanted to know who he was.
He told them he was a traveler, and he asked if he might rest by the well for a few days. He assured them he would cause them no trouble.
The stranger hardly ever spoke, except to exchange a few pleasantries with those that came to fetch water. He sat by the well for three days, watching the villagers building their temple. Finally, he asked one of them, "What are you building?" A villager told him their tale of woe, saying how the people had decided to build a temple, hoping that it might bring them better fortune.
The stranger nodded as if approving. A short silence hung in the air, and then the villager returned to his work. The stranger's presence soon became the talk of the village. They wondered who he was. Some said he must be a sage. Others disagreed; he looked too young to be a wise man. The stranger was dressed in an unconventional way. This gave rise to further discussions and speculation. He carried a long sword strapped across his back, and he wore protective clothing made of leather. His jerkin was studded with metal on the chest and shoulders. Yet the rest of his clothes were those of a peasant with one exception, tied around his waist was a silk sash. It was wound around him several times and knotted at the hip; from there it hung down to his right, almost to his knee.
The sash was plum red in color.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I decided to try my hand at selling plants from my home this year. I have hundreds of tomato and pepper plants started but no customers. A friend made me a web page and I put an ad on Craig's list. This has been the coldest, meanest spring I can ever remember. And the whole time I have been working my rear end off, falling into bed each night totally exhausted. And what used to be a joy has become a nightmare all because I needed to make some money. In the beginning every single little seedling lived, which most gardeners know is unusual. I felt good and felt that plants loved me. Then I became doubtful, tired, fearful and started making excuses to let some die. Things went very bad. Horrible storms came, killing frosts that decimated my little plants. I lost my faith and worry over not making a dollar here or there ruled my life. And then yesterday a lovely day sitting outside still transplanting but just doing it for the love of it. And then I had a visit by two belligerant wasps who would not get out of my face. I tried and tried to ignore them but I have a deep, deep fear of wasps. When I was around 3 years old I was attacked by thousands of them and stung almost to death. Each year I grow a little more braver and tolerant. But these two tested my faith and my husband brought out the wasp spray and either they were dead or they decided to leave. My husband surprised me by saying over and over how sorry he was that he had to kill them. He wished they would have just gone away. He felt so bad and then I felt bad that he had killed them for me.

Then this morning I find this

Clarissa Pinkola Estes: "In fairy-tale justice, as in the deep psyche, kindness to that which seems less is rewarded by good, and refusal to do good for one who is not beautiful is reviled and punished. When we enlarge ourselves to touch the not-beautiful, we are rewarded. If we spurn the not-beautiful, we are severed from life and left out in the cold."

Could anything be any clearer? Now all he and I can do is try to make amends and learn to live and let live.

Life is painful and full of lessons lately even in the smallest things. But I know great joy is there too, but I am being taught to appreciate that. Just wanted to share in case we are all at some crossroads now and it seems hopeless, we have to keep trying and not give in to the things we know are wrong and lead to a dead end. And even the "not beautiful" deserves our love.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Sound of Music

4 corners, 4 elements,  crosses, Xs, flags, symbols, positive, negative, motion, spin, stars,  humans are made in the shape of the universe. Taking a little esoteric stop on the magic bus today, secrets are everywhere.

When you look at the above movie poster for The Sound of Music, what do you see?

And the composer, Richard Rodgers is also famous for a musical documentary that most everyone from my generation recognizes immediately entitled “Victory at Sea”. My father was a WWII veteran and these documentaries played endlessly on that new contraption at our house called “television”. And the music from one of them became imprinted on my brain. It was called – Beneath the Southern Cross. A sultry, moody tango musical interpretation that accompanies this story
Beneath the Southern Cross is another essential Victory at Sea episode, 25 June 2007

Author: tavm from Baton Rouge, La.
It's the battle of the South Atlantic between the British ship Devonshire and the German ship Atlantis. Plenty of footage of South America, both as sympathizers to the Nazi cause and, much later, as American allies willing to aid their northern neighbor's cause...More compelling footage of sea battles accompanied, as always, by the stirring music of Richard Rodgers and likewise that of Leonard Graves' narration. Highly essential viewing for anyone interested in the way World War II was filmed for the record of depicting the what, how, and why of the decisions of the various world leaders and the way it affected the rest of the fighting men doing the actual battles. 

Here is a link to a mp3 of “Beneath the Southern Cross” and the main theme of Victory at Sea.

And The Sound of Music is famous for so many beautiful songs, one of them Edelweiss (like the swastika and the cross) has been corrupted and changed to fit Christian soldiers and white power groups. The true words of the song are taught and sung by………………….The Boy Scouts.
Edelweiss, Edelweiss                   
Every morning you greet me             
Small and white,                       
Clean and bright,                      
You look happy to meet me.             
Blossom of snow                        
May you bloom and grow,                
Bloom and grow forever,                
Edelweiss, Edelweiss,                  
Bless my homeland forever.   

During the Cold War, BBC planned to broadcast The Sound of Music on radio in the event of a nuclear strike on the United Kingdom. The broadcast would be part of an emergency timetable of programs designed to "reassure" the public in the aftermath of the attack. BBC officials didn't realize that a television broadcast would not be possible, because television sets would be rendered inoperable by the electromagnetic pulse effect.[3]
article about the BBC planned broadcast, if you thought the TV show Jericho was scary, read this

and some quotes that speak to me from Hazrat Inayat Khan

"But among all the different arts, the art of music has been especially considered divine, because it is the exact miniature of the law working through the whole universe."

"According to the esoteric standpoint, music is the beginning and the end of the universe. All actions and movements made in the visible and invisible world are musical. That is: they are made up of vibrations pertaining to a certain plane of existence." 

 "Those who have probed the depth of material science as far as modern science can reach, do not deny the fact that the origin of the whole creation is in movement, in other words; in vibration. It is this original state of existence of life which is called in the ancient tradition sound or the word. The first manifestation of this sound is therefore audible, the next manifestation visible. In the forms of expression of life, life has expressed itself first as sound, next as light."

"Philosophy or science, mysticism or esotericism will all agree on one point if they touch the summit of their knowledge, and that point is that behind the whole of creation, behind the whole of manifestation - if there is any subtle trace of life that can be found, it is motion, it is movement, it is vibration. This motion has its two aspects. There are two aspects because we have developed two principal faculties: sight and hearing. One aspect appeals to our hearing, the other to our sight."

And some links that speak to me about symbols and the universe and what all this alien language of symbols and multi levels of meaning are…
Fulcanelli’s Final Revelation: Raising the Djed at the End of Time
By Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner

Battling Cthulhu
Who Is Cthulhu?
Cthulhu comes from the “fictional” works of H.P. Lovecraft. From what vision-world did H.P. Lovecraft perceive and write about “the Great Old Ones who lived ages before there were any men... They had shape but that shape was not made of matter... the Great Old Ones spoke to (the first men) by molding their dreams; for only thus could Their language reach the fleshy minds of mammals...” This, as will be seen, contains a great deal of truth.

I apologize for all the hopping and roundabouts, I doubt that sadly that I make sense to anyone but me. Like the elves said to Terrence McKenna, we want you to change your language, maybe we finally are.
Indiana Jones: The Cross of Coronado

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a 1989 adventure film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliott, Julian Glover, Alison Doody, River Phoenix, and John Rhys-Davies. This film is the third released, though the twenty-fifth chronologically, in a series of film and TV productions about the adventures of the heroic fictional archaeologist Indiana Jones.

When Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (played by Connery) vanishes while pursuing a life-long search for the Holy Grail, Indiana must retrace his father's steps in the hopes of rescuing him – and the Grail – from the clutches of the Nazi military machine. Worldwide, the film was the highest grossing movie of 1989

In 1912, boy scout Indiana Jones steals the Cross of Coronado, an ornamental cross belonging to Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, from grave robbers, believing it should be in a museum instead of a private collection, in the process using a whip, scarring his chin, and gaining his fear of snakes. Although he rescues the cross, the robbers tell the police that Indiana was the thief, and he is forced to return it, while his oblivious father, Henry Jones, is working on his research. One of the robbers, dressed very similarly to the future Indiana, gives him a fedora. In 1938, an adult Indiana is on the robbers' ship, the Coronado, off the Portuguese coast, finally retrieving the Cross and donating it to Marcus Brody's museum.
The Cross of Coronado was a jewel-encrusted golden crucifix with a chain; named for Spanish explorer Francisco Vásquez de Coronado. It was believed to contain a piece of the cross Jesus was crucified on.

 Coronado Naval Base barracks -

Complex 320-325, which is located at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado and is surrounded by Bougainville Road to the north, Tulagi Road to the south, Eniwetok Road to the east, and ROI Road to the west, looks like a swastika when seen from above. The final look of the 6-building complex as seen from the air, was the result of an oversight by Navy planners at the time. A draft study conducted by the National Register of Historic Places noted that the shape of the six-building complex was simply an oversight that went undetected during the Navy’s approval process

12 Around 1, Miners, and Me

I have a vast treasure trove of articles that I posted on a now defunct forum called "Stargate Zero 2012". I was a forum administrator for over 7 years. I was very upset when one day it just disappeared and all the wonderful articles were gone. That forum was my indoctrination into a new way to view all of life, as deeper, richer and find that connections abound. I often wonder if these connections are just happenstance or did we ourselves leave signposts to help guide us through the maze.

This is the beginning of my journey into finding a signpost:
Perhaps some of you may wonder why I just won’t leave West Virginia and the Sago Mine disaster alone. Well to be honest I wonder myself. But this story caused a strange rift to happen inside me. Almost like someone drilled a bore hole in my brain and flicked a light switch that opened up a strange doorway into a whole new way of seeing life and ordinary common events. And many strange things have continued to happen to me since. And not all of them good, but many are. Almost as if by journeying down this deep mine I took on my own journey to find the Golden Fleece.

Caves are deep dark areas of all human psyches, and anyone who has the courage to overcome their fear of the dark and hidden enclosed spaces are to be considered heroic in my viewpoint. Caves scare the hell out of me. Being trapped deep underground is something that I don’t think I mentally could survive. The dark hidden places within the earth seem to hold a very intense fascination for all of us. Something within all of our buried unconscious remembers this and it is a piece of our unremembered history.

The original story of who we are and where we came from starts with us being miners and cave dwellers. Miners to the brothers Enki and Enlil. And all the “Hollow Earth” stories of strange beings and men from the stars. You have to admit it does resonate in you.

The Sago Mine Disaster is like one of those hidden picture stories for me. You hold it one way and a unique story appears, hold it another way and another story appears. And strangely enough all the stories are stories within other stories and they all relate to who we are and where we came from.

12 around 1. Everything within our present existence is based upon this. 13 miners were lost and 1 miraculously survived.

Take a look at a clock face. Take a look at the painting of the Last Supper with Jesus.

12 around 1 is all about us discovering the sacred geometry of life and who we truly are.

Many strange synchronicities started to appear when I started looking at Sago. And like I said some were not good.

Randal came out of the mine in a deep coma. On the exact same day Ariel Sharon in Israel went into a coma that he never has come out of. The miners wrote stories of just going to sleep and I’ll see you on the other side. One of my dearest friends in the midst of Sago just went to sleep and never woke up. Her name was Sharon.

Weeping uncontrollably, somehow feeling responsible for her death for “looking” at Sago, I felt that I was trapped deep underground also. One night during all this darkness I was in my kitchen making dinner and pulled out plates out of the cabinet to serve dinner. Looking down at the plates my heart stopped. Right there in my hand was 12 around 1.

When my husband and I first got married money was tight and we started life out together with practically nothing. We had a bed, a TV, a folding card table with 4 chairs and no plates, silverware or pots and pans.

Our grocery store used to offer dinner plates for free if you spent around $20, and trust me $20 was a LOT of money back then. So over the years I have collected a mishmash of plates this way. Some I have 4 of, some 3 and some 2. But this particular plate I only have one of. And it is the first plate that we started our journey together with. Standing there in my kitchen holding this plate, that had sat there all these years, followed me from home to home, waiting silently, patiently for me to one day really see it and know that something or someone was speaking to me.

It is a perfect example of 12 around 1 and the flower of life.

Now if I haven’t totally convinced you of my craziness, if you’re interested take a journey with me to discover all the secret, hidden things that are locked up in this crazy ride of life.

And many tears later, I can read this article with new wisdom -

Roof Collapse Kills Miner in Eastern Ky.

PIKEVILLE, Ky. - A roof collapse at an eastern Kentucky coal mine killed one miner, a state official said.

The rock fall occurred about 900 feet inside the Maverick Mining Co. LLC mine in Pikeville, near the Virginia line, said Chuck Wolfe, spokesman for the Kentucky Office of Mine Safety and Licensing

And now we are back to 13. And on the other side of the river in Pikeville. Home of The Hatfields and McCoys. And home to where the families held a truce in 2003 and finally realized that we are all brothers and sisters.

All I know is that this story has opened my heart (my third eye) and leads me ever onward. The deaths along the way are so frightening to me. I spent the entire weekend frightened and curled up into a ball. I refused to look at it or go anywhere near it. So frightened. Was I making this happen? Just by looking at it?

I think that is my ego talking to me. Only God can make this happen.

This story happened late last week. I refused to talk about it, or look at it, I didn’t want anyone else to die. But they did.

One of my dearest friends died late Saturday night. Her name was Sharon. She was an angel. She rescued animals and homeless people. She loved life, she loved people. She was very special and kind.

She just went to sleep and never woke up. She just stopped breathing. She was 49 on Christmas Eve. I am going to her wake today. It is at 2099 Miner Street in Des Plaines, Illinois.