Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all

Joy continues to sing to me and wishing this for all..................

Enabling our future with kindness and love

Don't lose hope.

These Free Resources on Science Could Be The Answer to The 'Fake News' Epidemic 

Indeed, as Zack Sims, Co-Founder and CEO at Codecademy, noted in an interview with Futurism, we are quickly entering an era in which all knowledge is free and readily available.

"In the next ten years, we will find ourselves in a world where everyone around the globe will have access to the internet. Institutions will make, will continue to make, their content available, and MOOCs will be commonplace."

And this gift of joy came in my email this morning - a little wonder

Thankful for the Joy

Enabling the future that we all can dream of

“If two people on opposite sides of the planet,
from their garages,
can use this technology as a vehicle
to create and share an idea
which then blossoms into a small community
who is working to find ways to create a large positive impact,
imagine the possibilities
as more and more people become involved
and begin exploring what this technology can do.
It can serve as a new tool
with which we can reach out and help our neighbor.
And our neighbor can now be someone
who lives thousands of miles away.”
  • Ivan Owen 
Wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving of joy and love with all. And sharing the love that still surrounds us - our wonderful husband who we still thank the world for his love and light. We will forever miss and love him. But we still have his memories to be grateful that we can share his love.

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