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Opening the Door to Freedom

The Grail Catechism

Q: What is the Quest?
A: To seek the Grail.
Q: What is the Grail?
A: It has many forms.
Q: How can I seek the Unknown?
A: By following the path which will reveal Itself to you.
Q: Where does such a path begin?
A: Here, at your very doorstep.
Q: If I shall accomplish my Quest, what shall I do?
A: You will return and create a Garden.
Q: But what if the Grail has no physical form?
A: You will awaken the hearts of those around you.
Q: Will you come with me?
A: You will travel alone, but the Keeper of the Grail will be near you.
Q: Is the Quest easy?
A: Yes, but the path is long and the task heavy.
Q: Shall I accomplish this task?
A: All who go forth upon the Quest achieve their true aim, but not all have the wisdom to know this.
Q: Can you give me something to aid me?
A: I will give you my blessing.
Q: What should I take with me?
A: Your Courage, your Love, and your Dedication.
Q: What shall I tell those I meet?
A: That you seek the key to Paradise, that all people may return there.
Q: And if they mock me?
A: Their laughter shall bear you up.
Q: And if they scorn and shun me?
A: Their sadness shall be a spur unto you.
Q: In what place is the Grail hidden?
A: In the maze at the heart of the Castle.
Q: Where does that Castle stand?
A: Deep in the Forest of Forgetting.
Q: How shall I recognize the Castle?
A: By the voice of the Ever Running River.
Q: How shall I cross such a river?
A: On a boat of your dreams.
Q: What is the key to the Maze?
A: The song that is in your Heart.
Q: How shall I enter the Castle?
A: The GateKeeper will direct you.
Q: With what shall I pay him?
A: With your memories of the outer world.
Q: How then shall I return?
A: Upon the path of Moonbeams and forgotten Dreams.

Q: Can you not speak to me more plainly?
A: I cannot explain to you things that are not of This world.
Q: It is my will to take up this quest. Will you give me your blessing?
A: Gladly.

"Blessed are they who set out upon the Endless Quest,
Blessed are they who walk through the Darkness, seeking the Light,
Blessed are they who, abandoning all worldly pursuits, seek the Gates of Paradise,
Blessed are they who, upon attaining the Gates of Paradise, turn back,
That they may lead all their Brethren to their Rightful Home,
Be Thy Ways Ever Blessed."

What is the key to the Maze? The Song that is in your heart. And the word, heart, I discovered one day is an anachronism for the word earth. Awaking to the fact that you are on a spiritual journey is the first key. But like all good stories there is much to discover.

One of the hardest things to discover is the fact that we are adrift and wandering endlessly on a plain of forgetfulness.

" But the real question is -- are you 'The gate-keeper or the Key holder' ? "

"the reason i think the whole idea of the warriors of the light thing exists is because of the belief system of the gnostics, which always draws me in. because of this. the feeling that there is a mission and yet being detached. as in being a gatekeeper or being a key holder. thats a fun mission wrought with danger. it is dangerous to be born says Yada (mark probert). being a warrior of the light as a stranger in a strange land. getting more and more strange all the time. not feeling like from here, wizard of oz dorothy trying to get home. " quoting my very dear fellow traveler, zenden.
The Gnostics by Jacques La Carriere and being smacked in the face with this:

The fundamental difference that separates the Gnostics from their contemporaries is that, for them, their native `soil' is not the earth, but that lost heaven which they keep vividly alive in their memories: they are the autochthons of another world.

Hence their feeling of having fallen onto our earth like inhabitants from a distant planet, of having strayed into the wrong galaxy, and their longing to regain their true cosmic homeland, the luminous hyper-world that shimmers beyond the great nocturnal barrier. Their uprooting is not merely geographical but planetary. And to treat them as aliens in the political or civic sense - which is what happened - could be nothing but an absurd misunderstanding, like giving a Martian a temporary residence visa.

For the Gnostics, all men were in the same condition, although they were the only ones who knew it, and the human community as a whole is implicated in this universal exile, this galactic diversion that has caused us to be dumped on the mud of planet earth.

The Gnostics must have felt this exile even more acutely in that they themselves constituted marginal communities, strangers or ‘foreigners' in the narrow sense of the term, in the heart of a whole humanity of foreigners. ...Here there was an historical humus which justified the Gnostic feeling of exile, of being a planetary foreigner: `I am in the world but not of the world' is the most basic Gnostic formula.

So the problem is simple, and one begins to understand how the Gnostics saw it: man, then, is a lifelong exile on a planet which is a prison for all mankind; he lives in a body which is a prison for the soul; he is the autochthon of a lost and invisible world.
And the way to escape and open the door, the "golden key" is found within one's own castle. One's very own heart.

Project Camelot Interviews James from Wingmakers.org


Six Heart Virtues.pdf
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Living from the Heart

I ask my peers, do I not try and exemplify these things?

The six heart virtues are:

Your behavior… your actions… the local and global effects of
your mental state on neighboring consciousnesses,

these are gifts you can give the rest of humanity,
not because you are some sort of benefactor,
but because you are showing your appreciation.

We can raise the vibrational level of thought
Or we can be a well of negativity that draws others down.
Choose wisely.

Living from the Heart from Wingmakers

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