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Crop Circles - Whispers from the Divine

Crop Circles. What Are They? Who Makes Them? Why Are They Here?

They appear at night, complex designs mysteriously imprinted on fields of almost ripened grain. Nobody knows how they got there, or why. They leave the grain stalks in swirls, virtually undamaged. They exhibit mathematical precision. They demonstrate principles of geometry. They portray ancient religious symbols.

Since the 1980s, some 10,000 crop circles have appeared, seemingly by magic, in England and 25 other countries. Each year the count grows, and the designs get more intricate, even fantastic. Governments tell us they're hoaxes, but the evidence shows that most are not.

The Crooked Soley crop circle depicts an unbroken double helix strand of DNA, and the pattern uses an extraordinarily sophisticated geometry. Alan Brown & John Michell in their fascinating book, Crooked Soley: A crop circle revelation, seek to explain the significance of the geometry which exhibits what Plato described as the ‘heavenly pattern’, and which has been the basis of the design of ancient monuments (and indeed of the world itself).

Brown and Michell develop an argument that this particular crop circle represents direct communication from a divine intelligence. Not just any superior intelligence, they say it is the divine intelligence that created the Universe.

Michell wrote, "This short-lived masterpiece was not only beautiful and finely crafted - as well as utterly mysterious - but it gave information, precise and numerically expressed, on a subject that I have been studying and writing about throughout my active life, the subject of ancient cosmology and the code of number on which every past civilization was founded. At the heart of this traditional code or canon are two basic components, the numbers 5040 and 7920, along with their common factor 720. These numbers were plainly emphasized in the Crooked Soley crop circle."

The circle appeared at night on 27 August 2002. It was the last major formation of the season and I was unaware of it until a year later when Allan Brown brought it to my attention. He had observed its numerical composition and recognized the significance of 5040 and 7920 through my writings about these numbers. He then waited for a year to see if anyone else would recognize them. No one did, so he wrote to me and, as said above, filled me with awe and amazement."

There is a mind, and therefore a purpose, behind the crop circle phenomenon. It is an elevated mind and its purpose can be inferred from what it actually does. Crop circles bring beauty and mystery, friendships and new interests to a generation that needs them. At the same time, quietly, inoffensively, they are teaching us something. They are preparing us for something, for an event which, according to ancient records, occurs from time to time when the situation demands it - the return of the gods - the grail of knowledge and wisdom restored to earth."

Crooked Soley, it seems, represents a new stage in a process which has been going on for many years. This process was observed as early as 1959, by Carl Jung in his last and most prophetic book, 'Flying Saucers'. He characterized the UFO phenomenon as a portent of radical changes in thoughts and perceptions, culminating in a renewal of divine influence - the return of the ancient gods. In crop circles, says Patrick Harpur in the afterword, Mercurius is the dominant power - the god of inspiration and learning. He is the traditional source of the revealed code of knowledge symbolized by 5040 and 7920, the numbers so beautifully encoded in the Crooked Soley formation."

More fascinating studies on the Crooked Soley crop circle and the Keys to Creation Science that is embedded in the sacred geometry of the temporary temples found in the fields of grain.

The Soul in Crooked Soley
In their book, Crooked Soley: A crop circle revelation (1) Allan Brown and John Michell develop an argument that this particular crop circle represents direct communication from a divine intelligence. Not just any superior intelligence, they say it is the divine intelligence that created the Universe. We are not talking here about UFOs or aliens, nor about a superior intelligence that exists elsewhere in the Universe. We are talking about the Goddess of all Creation. This is a revelation indeed. In the Crooked Soley crop circle that went down in the wheat fields of Crooked Solely towards the end of August 2002, we find the direct affirmation not only that there is a God, a Universal Creator, but we will find when we take their argument to its logical conclusion, that we are also told specifically what this God is and where it is to be found.

Crooked Soley: A Crop Circle Revelation Amazon Link to the book by Allan Brown and John Mitchell

Sad to report that John Mitchell has passed as reported by Joan Norton at her wonderful blog MaryMagdaleneWithin
I visit there frequently and always find posts that soothe my soul.

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I linked to this page from my article titled, "The New Jerusalem Message of the Crop Circles. --

The 2002 Crooked Soley crop formation is the most amazing and most significant of all the crop circles. Several other crop circle formations, starting with Barbury Castle 1991, have also given the message.

Thanks for providing this great article.

Joseph E. Mason