Monday, April 06, 2009

The Coriolis Effect and Crossing the Event Horizon

Synchronicity is increasing exponentially in my life. At times I feel magical as if I am a magician and control the music of my life. It feels good.

When I was a very young child I had a dream of water flowing down the drain and someone speaking to me and telling me it was "the coriolis effect", remember this. I can't tell you how this has stayed bright and shining in the fore front of my brain. Never fading after all these years, the memory is clear and intense. I have watched countless swirling hurricanes on radars swirling with the energies of enormous power. New research shows that with the spin of the coriolis effect the hurricane eye becomes a perfect pentagram. Magic at work.

When water is spun at a high rate of speed a polygon forms.

And tonight I follow links surfing along to discover this and find magic and my coriolis effect -

Born in Geneva , Switzerland in 1962. As early as 9 years old, Mr. Haramein was already developing the basis for a hyperdimensional theory of everything he called the "Holofractographic Universe." This Unified Field Theory was developed based on a specific geometric array which he has found to be fundamental to creation. This theory has now been presented to the scientific community, and his scientific papers will soon be followed by a DVD and a book for the layman entitled "Crossing the Event Horizon."
E. A. Rauscher, Ph.D. (Nuclear Physics and Engineering, University of California at Berkeley). Dr. Rauscher was a nuclear scientist and researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and at Stanford Research Institute, Professor of Physics at John F. Kennedy University of California, research consultant to NASA (space shuttle program) and the U.S. Navy. Dr. Rauscher served on the Congressional OTA Advisory Committee, and has been Delegate and advisor to the United Nations.

In this extraordinary DVD presentation, filmed live, Nassim will take you on a fantastic journey through the history of the evolution of humanity, pointing out inconsistencies in our concepts of physics and the rectification necessary to produce a true Unification process - one that unifies the four forces of nature, biological evolution, and even the occurrence of consciousness. Astonishingly, Nassim also demonstrates that this new all-encompassing theory seems to have parallels with ancient codes left in documents and colossal monuments around the world.
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And now maybe we should all go back and reread all those wild and crazy Dan Winter posts again.

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