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Gnosticism - The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory

I’ve heard it mentioned a number of times, usually in a derogatory fashion, that Gnosticism in its more traditional form is something of “The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory.” This actually makes a whole lot of sense, and explains why the basic patterns of Gnosticism and conspiracy theory meld so well together (check out Tim’s “Crossing the Streams” for more). After all, the basis for Gnostic ontology is the idea that none of the human made ideological constructs of this world is really real, that instead they’re a sugar-spun web of deceit woven over the material universe like so much evil cotton candy by an extra-dimensional cabal overseen by a schizophrenic false deity. It’s no big stretch to trace this cabal downwards through the Aeons to the level underlying human social interaction, especially regarding the political and cultural.

No matter how often it is denied by the establishment, the universe consists of signs and symbols. Understanding reality and our place within it is a matter of arranging these signs and symbols into what Tim Boucher calls “Story Systems,” by which we are able to attempt to communicate our impressions to others. We have no other way to do so; we’re not yet telepathic, and are limited by our perceptions. The basis for both Gnosticism and conspiracy theory is to take established story-systems, break down their structures into individual signs and symbols and to try to identify patterns which exist within apparently unrelated concepts. When these patterns are identified, they are then reassembled into story-systems which more accurately reflect the underlying structure. These new story-systems are then made available in various ways and via various media, each time creating a tiny chink in the walls of the Black Iron Prison.

Within the context of Gnosticism and conspiracy theory, understanding reality is like playing a game of whack-a-mole. When it comes to understanding the nature of reality, those of us who choose to play are handed mallets, told to stand in front of the machines and whack away. Occasionally we’re able to knock one of the little bastards back down, about as often as we’re able to glean valid information from mainstream sources.

Most people, after playing for some time, get tired and give up– after all, why bother with a silly game that seems so pointless? The conspiracy theorist, however, thinks to herself, “Well, I could get rid of these moles by trying to bash ‘em, or, I could try to dismantle the machine and stop them at the source.” She then attempts to remove the game’s casing (often drawing the adverse attention of the arcade management) and understand the mechanisms that cause the moles to rise and fall, and stop them by shorting the circuitry.

The Gnostic goes a step further. We could dismantle the case, but then we should find out where the game is made, who made it, and why the heck they’re forcing us to play the damnable game in the first place.

As an example, there’s been much talk lately (over the past few years, certainly) in an increasing number of places about the connections between UFOs, occultism, conspiracy theory, current politics of the Neocon variety, the economy, and an upcoming crash of civilization. To most people, each one of these items, taken singly, doesn’t seem on the surface to have much to do with one another. To most people, each is independent moles in the above game. Whack one, and another appears, but they’re certainly not related.

To some, however, enough study reveals that patterns emerge. A reporter in the White House Press Corp is revealed to be a Gay Prostitute, and that’s where most people stop. Then it’s discovered that said Gay Prostitute may be linked to verifiable mind control experiments. Another level. These mind control experiments may be linked to child sex rings within high level government and economic circles. This is where other people might stop.

But another level. These sex rings may be related to sex magick and other occult practices. Another level. These practices may be related to opening extra dimensional portals that allow certain entities to interact with our reality. Another level. These entities may be the same entities who have been summoned by magicians like John Dee for centuries. Another level. And this is where other people might stop.

But another level. These entities may be related to UFO phenomenon, which share common characteristics with entities supposedly summoned in 1947 by Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard. Another level. Parsons worked for the government as a rocket scientist. Another level. Hubbard established a new religion with ties to the entertainment industry and the President (through Jeb Bush, sympathetic to the Scientologists). Another level. And again, one could stop there.

Or, one could keep going, further, further. Why not? It’s all questions and questions. So, let’s keep at it. Jacques Vallee shows, beyond any question, that the UFO phenomenon is the modern manifestation of an experience reported in previous epochs as contact with “fairies,” religious visions, travellers in steam-driven airships, etc. Another level. These phenomena seem to set certain “control systems” in motion when they manifest. Okay, another point where some stop.

But not us. We go deeper. According to the Gnostics, the establishment of Control Systems within the Black Iron Prison was under the purviews of the Archons. There are striking similarities between the Archons and the entities of UFO folklore, explained in detail by John Lash. The Archons believe that they are in control of the Materia, and their modus operandi is to establish these control systems to maintain their power by blinding people to the true nature of Reality. Everyone who has experienced the UFO phenomenon has experienced an Archonic control system indirectly, but those individuals who use magick and ceremony to summon these entities directly into our Reality play a dangerous game by turning the tables. Victims of UFO abduction/contact are the passive recipients of this interaction and can often fight back against them. Those who, through ceremony or other means, open themselves to these entities invite their control, and if individuals involved in politics, science or religious establishments open themselves to these entities, they invite them to control all of us, too.

There are other “entities” working against the Archons, the Secret Grey-Robed Christians, who hope to destroy the layer of illusion surrounding the Materia and free the divine spark within each one of us, establishing a realm of Divine Anarchism wherein we all realize our true natures as a plurality of a single Universal Consciousness and live in true freedom, where we can travel together and explore time and space and live sustainably within the wonderful Kingdom of Heaven.

This is the Archons’ worst nightmare. They want nothing more than to build and maintain a Universal Police State, wherein each being exists to give fealty to the Demiurge and marches lock-step to the beat of illusion. The best way to do this is through dogma and literalism, the insistence that everything must be taken at its face value, the restriction of our mallets to one mole at a time. Radical Islam and Rapture-based Christianity are both Archonic manifestations of this restriction. Both have the power to end civilization as we know it. So, they plant tools into the Black Iron Prison. But, we know from the Gnostic texts that they work in image, and their ability to create image leaves something to be desired. When one finds one of these images, one of these Cosmic Clues, one can trace it backwards using the above methodology and use it to verify one’s personal story-system, unmasking the perpetrators like a villain on Scooby Doo. “I would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you stupid Grey-robed Christians and your stupid dog!”

So, using Gnostic conspiracy theory as a vehicle, we’ve actually traced the Jeff Gannon story-system all the way back to a possible source related to the collapse of civilization! This is how it all ties in. We can now publish this material, allowing the living information therein into the Materia. Chink!

As the population of the planet begins to grow and our resources (like oil) become depleted, we’re nearing the tipping point. *Something* is coming down the chute. That Mayan end-date of 2012 is approaching at breakneck speed. Geopolitics is volatile and crazier than ever. Sacrifices to the Archons occur daily, on battlefields and in prison cells. The environment is going mad– anybody who experienced the weather this past winter can’t deny it.

But, on the other hand, people seem to be, in my opinion, awakening more quickly than ever before. More people are interested in anti-civ ideas and alternative spiritualities. An unconnected network of individuals who are willing to help one another instead of compete with one another in trying times grows apace. Should the Archons emerge victorious, destroy the environment, murder millions of individuals, establish prison camps operated by evil extra dimensional entities, a clamor has been raised and we will have been warned, and hope will continue. On the other hand, if the Archons are defeated during the current crisis, a powerful new society might emerge, based on compassion and love instead of violence and horror and literal interpretations of subjective materials.

This is how, to me, it all connects, how one can start at Jeff Gannon and end up addressing the very nature of Reality itself. Of course, this is just my story-system. If you’re not inclined to take it literally, then by all the Gods, *please do not.* The point is, discovering the keys to your own Ultimate Conspiracy is a matter of questions, questions, questions. You don’t have to agree; in fact, it’s better if you don’t, because then you can start asking your own questions, and that’s what will eventually free us all, when we all ask the questions which will save the universe by allowing it to understand itself.

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