Sunday, February 10, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night........

Life seems to be all about weathering one storm after the other. So many of us just lose hope and give in to despair. It's hard to keep fighting, and it's hard sometimes to ever see the light. But the light is always there in the darkness and all you have to do is see it. The above picture is from the I am Legend movie starring Will Smith, and man's best friend, a dog. The clip showing New York dead and abandoned and a movie logo of Batman and Superman. And a dark and stormy night is upon the world. Time for all of us to look for the light. And find the Superman that is hidden inside all of us. And man's best friends are also there to help.

I have been weathering my own dark and stormy night. My husband has been seriously ill and we have been caught up in the medical nightmare of doctors, hospitals and drugs. It has been a very rough journey, and will be for some time. But we have quit smoking, have discovered real healthy food again, live, raw and fresh. Have discovered one miracle after another that cures disease, heals your body, and all are free from the plant kingdom. Another gift of light and help.

Have been so filled up with anxiety, dread, and pure loss of hope that I haven't been able to write on here at all. Just didn't want to remember how dark and hopeless this all seemed. But the sky is clearing, light is returning, and we are weathering it together, and remembering what life and love is all about.

We will weather this storm, together, and at the end remember what it's all about.

Love is Divine -

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