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Legend - Lily and the Unicorns
Published on Mar 18, 2012

This is a re-imagined version of the "waltzing dress" scene from the 1985 film "Legend". Two versions of the film have been edited together here. Due to studio concerns about the profitability of the movie, different versions of the film were released in various countries, and the changes that were made are significant. Ridley Scott's Director's Cut (2002) uses the Jerry Goldsmith score that was released in Europe. However, the dancing dress scene works much better with the Tangerine Dream score that was released in the United States in 1985. The European version is much longer, but the US release's Tangerine Dream score is superior, particularly in the Dress Scene. Since 2002, I've hoped that a version of "Legend" featuring the long version of the film but using the Tangerine Dream score would be released, but it has never happened. So this is what this scene might look and sound like, mixing the look of one version with the sound of another. Goldsmith's score for this scene is much longer than Tangerine Dream's, so I had to edit both the audio and the video for length. Sorry for the crude edits. I had to snip out seven seconds of film and even then I had to extend the Tangerine Dream score significantly. Even this amazing scene, sadly, wasn't left intact in the US edit.

The devil thought he could make a bride out of the virgin Lily, by dance, seduction, and diamonds. But there is one thing, Lily was pure hearted hence her name, lily, Just like the Blessed Virgin Mary's name purity. So this is the spiritual battle in the world good versus evil. God bless you Lily, and Tom for trusting her in the end.
Tourists have captured a very unusual sighting in the mountains of Switzerland. We had to watch the clip twice and actually paused it there for a second so we can clearly see the unicorn. What do you think -- is this footage real or fake? You can pause the video and get a close up, damn but it looks real to me! But then I'm a magical thinker. Perhaps we are the only ones pure at heart enough to still see and hear unicorns. I pray that I never lose that ability.
From the eccentric author of One-Letter Words: A Dictionary (author bio).About A Field Guide to Identifying Unicorns By Sound. There are many ways to detect the presence of a unicorn in your own backyard, without the need for expensive electronic equipment (leave that to the greenhorn rangers) or a virgin maid (leave her to the hopeless romantics). The most obvious is via the faculty of sight. When conditions of poor visibility preclude this approach, the “third eye” of intuition is commonly employed to track down the elusive beast. This book, however, will focus on the immense potential of the human ear. It is a little-known fact that, with listening practice, the human ear can be a peerless tool for perceiving unicorns. (The converse principle—that the unicorn ear is a peerless tool for perceiving humans—is, if true, a fact so little-known as to be undocumented.) Even those unicorn fanciers with hearing loss or profound deafness will benefit from the wealth of knowledge contained herein. Just as our old friend the blind Mexican cave fish (astyanax hubbsi) responds to moving visual stimuli, the human ear responds to unicorn sounds—even to those unicornian vibrations that are technically outside the range of one’s hearing.This book weaves precious bits and pieces of evidence like a Celtic braid, gathering from a wide variety of sources: chronicles of yore, modern-day eyewitness accounts, oral histories and folk traditions, and, of course, myths and legends from around the world. These testaments are not intended to stand as scientific proof of unicorns. On the contrary, they paint a far grander picture than the tight rein of science can fabricate. It is the intention of this book to beguile your eardrums with the rhythmic hoofbeats, melodic whinnies, wistful sighs, and even bated breaths of the majestic unicorn. And when the book ends, its story will continue. For the final chapter of our saga will be yours to tell, based upon your own unforgettable first-hand experiences.

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