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Can you hear the music?

After all Jacks are in their boxes
And the Clowns have all gone to bed
You can hear happiness staggering on down the street
Footprints dressed in red


A broom is drearily sweeping
Up the broken pieces of yesterday's life
Somewhere a Queen is weeping
Somewhere a King has no wife


The traffic lights they turn a blue tomorrow
And shine their emptiness down on my bed
The tiny island sags downstream
Cause the life that they lived is dead


Will the wind ever remember
The names it has blown in the past
And with it's crutch it's old age and it's wisdom
It whispers "No, This Will Be the Last"

Lyrics by Jimi Hendrix

Life is perfect in its resolve to expand and express an intelligence that is limitless. This is the fundamental purpose of life in all its diverse manifestations.

The presence of the Divine expressing itself as a vibration of equality can be seen in all things. Sensory input derived from the human body is limited to frequencies in specific ranges that only convey an echo of this divine vibration. The divine resonance of all life is understood only through deliberate and focused contemplation of the equality inherent in all things, and through the ability to penetrate beyond the image of a thing to the origin of the image.

Calling forth the divine perceptions of the soul within your own being is the ideal method to access a lasting sensitivity to the divine vibration. This is how you develop the ability to see the Divine in all.

It is not only that the Divine is found within you and within every individual manifestation of life; it is also in itself the wholeness of all life. Thus, this principle calls for seeing the Divine in all its diverse forms of manifestation, as well as in the wholeness of life itself.

These insights stimulate a new sensory system beyond the five senses that rule the physical world. These new senses are an outgrowth of the awakening of your sacred intentions. They are manifestations of the first stage of profound personal transformation. With this new perceptual ability, you will be capable of sensing not only the presence of the Divine, but also the timeless divine essence that exists at the core of every living being.
And everything is alive, including the universe, and the earth.
If you can follow (since I do tend to hop around and dance a lot) see if you can hear the messages and music from the Divine-

Pushing up into our global consciousness is the fact that something is terribly wrong with our world. First birds began to die in amazing numbers. Now our beloved pets are dying from food that is poisoned. And the most disturbing is that millions of bees have just disappeared or vanished. And our lives are deeply entwined with bees. We are deeply indebted to them, because without the bee we will starve.

Now if one were to just read into this deeply disturbing news in a literal sense it would become glaringly apparent that we are destroying ourselves and our world and our future generations.

But what if one were to look deeper and listen for the music of the divine? Could there be more to this than just the literal disturbing news stories?

Life, in this definition, is an individual's sovereign reality. It is subjective and impressionable. Life is the wholeness of experience flowing past the individual's field of perception in the present moment. There is never a closure to life, nor a final chapter written. It is eternal, not only in the abstract sense of never ending or beginning, but also in the real sense that life is ever expanding in order to express divine intelligence in all realities within the universe.

Nurturance of life is the principle whereby an individual is in alignment with the natural expansion of intelligence inherent within all life. This alignment enhances the life energy that flows past the individual with the clear intent of gentle support. It is the action of opening to the highest motive in all people and in all life and supporting the flow of this highest intention towards its ultimate expression. In so doing, the action is performed without judgment, analysis, or attachment to outcome. It involves simply nurturing the highest energy that flows from all people and all beings, and thus supporting their fullest expression of life.

This is a departure from the normal perception that nurturing support can only be granted when others are in alignment with your personal will and desires. When, instead, you view everything in your life as an integrated energy flowing as an expression of ever-expanding divine intelligence, all life is honored as an extension of the Divine. In this context, there is no energy that is misdirected or unworthy of support and nurturance. While this may seem contrary to the evidence of abusive energy upon the Earth, even energy that is laden with "evil intent" is nevertheless energy that is flowing outward in search of a higher expression.

All people and all forms of life can be nurtured and supported to their highest expression. This is the fundamental purpose of this principle. It is greatly facilitated by the intention to perceive the original motive and ultimate expression of life energy as it passes through your field of awareness.

Energy is an element of life that is so subtly interwoven with form that it is one, in much the same manner as space and time are inextricably linked in union. Energy is a motive. It is intelligent beyond the mind's ability to reason. While it is a force that can be subject to applications that deny its highest expression, energy is always imbuing life with the motive to expand and evolve.

Life energy is always in a state of becoming. It is never static or regressive in its natural state. You are very capable of nurturing this natural expansion of energy to forge new channels of expression and experience. In fact, it is your primary purpose to expand the life energy that encircles your personal reality, and to transform it to new levels of expression that more clearly reflect the perspective of divine essence.

On June 25, 2004 this crop circle appeared Bee Crop Circle

And interesting to note that the previous night when this crop circle formed (June 24) is known as "St. John's Day". St. John's Day wiki link

And John the Baptist is famous for surviving in the wilderness on locusts and "wild honey". Ever asked yourself or wondered why the majority of the ancient gothic cathedrals and churchs are dedicated to either St. John or Mary? Not Jesus?

In the above bee crop circle link the author makes note of many symbolic dreams -
My essay was based on the Navaho Sand Painting called, "The Pollen Path," which is one of the examples given by Joseph Campbell as relating to the midpoint of seven, as three and a half. This indicates the seven chakra levels of consciousness with the the midpoint or fourth point as significant. This is the Heart chakra level. The thesis of my essay is that humanity is near the three and a half point, and the leap to the Heart Chakra level, en mass.
I believe the Woman with Child is related to Mother Goddess figures in many mythologies, such as Isis, Ishtar, Sakti, Sophia, Shekinah, etc. In the Christian tradition, it would be the Virgin Mary. The Heart Chakra is symbolized by a twelve-petaled lotus flower, with a Star Of David inside. The New Jerusalem has 12 gates, pearls, and angels.
The Goddess figure is sometimes related as having daughters. The Bible has this as the daughters of the harlot. In the Babylonian myths, Ishtar is said to be the mother of all the harlots in Babylon. Isaiah 4:4 says,
". . . when the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion and cleansed the bloodstains of Jerusalem from its midst by a spirit of judgment and by a spirit of burning."
The idea I have is that the Mother Goddess figure in the New Age is related to the Holy Spirit, and that Her Daughters will be the the Holy Spirit aspect within each individual. You might say this is the "repair" of the Motorcycle.
I had developed a theory that a bicycle or motorcycle was a dream symbol of the duality, as two wheels moving in tandem. The Great Change seems to clearly involve a duality balancing of the female and male attributes within us human beings.

You may have read many articles related to duality and when the two become one. And many articles relating to the return of the Goddess. These should not be taken "literally" to mean that women should rule the world or that men have to become feminine. It merely means the balance of life the yin/yang, and yin refers to "nature" and more.

And just a few days ago science papers were full of the strange, rotating hexagon found on Saturn's pole.

And hexagon is described as
n geometry, a hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. Its Schläfli symbol is {6}.
The internal angles of a regular hexagon (one where all sides and all angles are equal) are all 120° and the hexagon has 720 degrees. It has 6 lines of symmetry.. Like squares and equilateral triangles, regular hexagons fit together without any gaps to tile the plane (three hexagons meeting at every vertex), and so are useful for constructing tessellations. The cells of a beehive honeycomb are hexagonal for this reason and because the shape makes efficient use of space and building materials. The Voronoi diagram of a regular triangular lattice is the honeycomb tessellation of hexagons.

And stranger still n French, the term l'hexagone (the hexagon) is often used as a nickname for France, since the country is shaped somewhat like a hexagon.

In Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Laurence Gardner explains the importance of the bee to Merovingian royalty -- bees make honey, a symbol of insight and wisdom. Although Gardiner appeals to Scripture which likens honey with the knowledge of wisdom, the secret doctrine of the occultist redefines these terms as gnôsis (the Greek word for 'knowledge' or 'insight') and the ancient wisdom of the Hermetic tradition, i.e. sorcery. The emperor Napoleon is included among the Merovingian worthies because, in 1810, he married Marie-Louise, the daughter of Francis II, the last Habsburg to sit upon the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.

"The Merovingian kings were noted sorcerers in the manner of the Samaritan Magi, and they firmly believed in the hidden power of the honeycomb. Because a honeycomb is naturally made up of hexagonal prisms, it was considered by philosophers to be the manifestation of divine harmony in nature. Its construction was associated with insight and wisdom — as detailed in Proverbs 24:13-14...

"To the Merovingians the bee was a most hallowed creature. A sacred emblem of Egyptian royalty, it became a symbol of Wisdom. Some 300 golden bees were found stitched to the cloak of Childeric I (the son of Meroveus) when his grave was unearthed in 1653. Napoleon had these attached to his own coronation robe in 1804. He claimed this right by virtue of his descent from James de Rohan-Stuardo, the natural son (legitimated 1667) of Charles II Stuart of Britain by Marguerite, Duchesse de Rohan. The Stuarts were in turn entitled to this distinction because they, and their related Counts of Brittany, were descended from Clodion's brother Fredemundus--thus (akin to the Merovingians) they were equally in descent from the Fisher Kings through Faramund. The Merovingian bees are still to be seen on some Jacobite glassware." - 29:171-2

Recall that the predecessor of the Prieuré de Sion was the Society of Ormus, to which the Therapeutae of Alexandria and the Essenes of Qumran attached themselves. The word Essene means king bee. The Qumran desert, where the Essene community was established, is located on the ancient site of Gomorrah, the city which God judged with for its homosexual perversion. (Gen. 19; Jer. 17:5,6) The Essenes were also priests of the Greek goddess Diana, a lesbian, whose symbol was the bee. The Mother Goddess, under her various names, was known as the Queen Bee while the priests who ministered in her temples were called Essenes or King Bees. (this was copied from a very anti gnostic site).

"The symbol of the bee is also used in Mormon temples today. The bee is the state symbol for Utah. Furthermore, Mormon doctrine teaches that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus Christ. The religion of the Mormon Church of the Latter Day Saints is replete with Merovingian ideology..." - 127:82

[From :]
[QUANTUM BEES] -- Robert talks to mathematician Barbara Shipman about her cross-disciplinary discovery. In mapping a six-dimensional figure onto two-dimensions, she recognized the pattern as that of the honeybee's ritual dance. To her, this implies that bees can sense the quantum world, since it is in that realm that six-dimensional geometry has real meaning. The bees use the dance to communicate to others in the hive the location and distance of a pollen source:

the dance that honey bees do to tell their hivemates where they have found a good food source. The bees change the form of the dance acording to the location of the flowers that constitute the source. The surprising thing is that there may be a deep mathematical reason for how the dance changes form. The reason is related to a space in symplectic geometry known as a "flag manifold." Although no one is suggesting that honey bees understand flag manifolds, it is possible that the instincts which control their behavior are wired in such a way that the principles of this kind of geometry apply.

"...guided along as it were
a chain of flowers into
the mysteries of life."

Telling the Bees there has been a death in the family, or a change in the head of the household is a little known superstition these days, but I remember speaking to the bees with my grandmother as a child.

It is a Scots/Celtic superstition, and so it should have a third component. For me, it is that the bee is a symbol of resurrection and immortality, often used that way in heraldry, too. The word is related to beo, byw - 'to be living.'

I believe these are all symbolic of the great union within the self....outwardly it is the emerging of Kundilini energy and the circuit is connected between the Pituitary (feminine) and the Pineal (masculine)...within the Kings chamber (third Ventricle of the brain) the Throne. Inwardly a star is born, the creative spark manifests. You are "reborn" in a way...maybe that's the real intent of that word... probably from ancient rituals.

So are you totally lost and befuddled or are you beginning to listen and hear the music of the divine?

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