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The Holy Grail
Born Again
(Nacer de Nuevo)
 [Page 92] "The moment of discovery in Varo's rendition of the quest occurs in Born Again. It is the discovery of the grail, which eluded all but three of King Arthur's knights. The naked female breaks through a wall into a sacred space that contains the grail, miraculously full and containing the reflected image of the crescent moon. . . . It is an ecstatic moment, . . . entirely feminine because of the ancient association of the woman with the vessel and the moon, and because of the vaginal imagery presented in the tearing wall. . . . [T]he protagonist has become her own fate."
I ran across this blog post today, and as usual my internal compass was drawn to it. I would like to share and hopefully when time permits explain why I personally believe that the grail seems to be a secret that eludes men and gravitates to women. And why this is so......

The Holy Grail

Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code is an attractive and pacey story which redefines the Holy Grail. I rather dismissed it as a weak echo of Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln’s The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail until I recently reconsidered its emphasis of the marriage of masculine and feminine, and the idea of bloodline, as having considerably more truth than has been acknowledged. I suggest that in this he is partly right, though he is still wrong to discount the mystical fact of the Grail as a cup; and after more than 2,000 years you can no longer speak of a bloodline, but rather a gene pool. In fact, he is wrong to emphasize even the physicality of the human body, it is the spirit of the seeker that makes the Grail tangible, as Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur made clear more than 500 years ago.

These books have been so immensely popular there is little need for me to add any critique, yet there is more to be said.

You may know a great deal of my time has been spent in recording past-life regression experiences of Edward Stafford, 3rd duke of Buckingham, and on more conventional research into his life; all this story is recounted in my novel, Edward, but I have now decided to open up the story, making plain important issues which would otherwise only be understood by the cognoscenti. I’ve added 2 pages to the website; ‘Secrets’ does not (yet) concern the Grail, but ‘Genealogy’ does.

I was always amazed the writers of ‘The Holy Blood’ came so close but somehow managed to miss the royal house of Plantagenet, which ruled England from Henry II, in 1154, to the death of Richard III, in 1485. Plantagenet was not a proper name; it came from Henry II’s father, Geoffrey of Anjou, count of Brittany, who wore broom in his battle helmet to show he swept all before him. Over 331 years it is easy to see, from the public record, there is a Plantagenet gene; it has 3 characteristics: irresistible charismatic success (hence the name), a very bad and quick temper, and gigantism. Far from all Plantagenets displayed these, Edward IV lacked the temper, while his brother, Richard III, only seems to have had the temper. If ever there was fact behind the popular modern fantasy of Superman it was the house of Plantagenet.

Whether the Plantagenets had anything to do with the ‘bloodline’ of Christ I do not know. What is again a matter of public record, though invariably overlooked, is that they became inextricably mixed with the guardianship of the Holy Grail through the ‘de Bohun Inheritance.’

The de Bohun earls of Huntingdon were the hereditary High Constables of England, said to be the Conscience of England and the guardians of the Holy Grail, in succession to Sir Percival, in Sir Thomas Malory’s ‘Le Morte.’ When the male line died out the last earl left two daughters, Eleanor and Mary, one Plantagenet prince (Edward Stafford’s ancestor) married Eleanor, while another (Henry IV) married Mary. The claim to the High Constableship came together again in the person of Edward, who was awarded the title, as heir to both Edward III and Henry VI, by a special court. The king, Henry VIII, was furious.
Past-life visions of Edward touch on the Grail (as recorded in my book) and I would be very reluctant to deny he held it. It is for this reason I do not consider publishing my findings about Edward as an academic work, the reputation of university historians would not stand recognition of the Holy Grail. Nevertheless, my research allows me to say a few things.

The Grail is a ‘pan-reality’ manifestation (for those who believe Reality is not a fixed, objective state but arises as an interpretation of our spirit). Its physical manifestation may well have been precipitated by the emotion, both of Christ and of his followers, brought about by his execution on the Cross.

Being pan-reality it has the capacity to ‘change’ reality in ways for which those interacting with it cannot be prepared; hence the injunction that it is dangerous to any who are not pure of heart. It has a very particular spiritual signature which may be best described as “balance in love.” I suggest this is the meaning of, “Whom does the Grail serve? … It serves the land.” The reason for this is service to any individual would relate to that individual’s ‘self’ or ego, which cannot exist outside a very limited and artificial reality.

There are rumors of attempts to call the Grail into manifestation, which have been disastrous. That this has happened at Stafford Castle does not mean the Grail is physically there (or anywhere) since its location is a state, not a place.

It follows that guardianship of the Grail is not about causing it to manifest, or controlling it when it does, but about noting it and seeking to move reality into harmony with it. Grail guardians will therefore more seek to act on the World, which is possible but difficult, than act on the Grail, which is impossible.

After that, and if you still want to, what is the first principle of calling the Grail? As old as the hills and as simple, balancing Ying and Yang, acceptance and assertion, female and male. That is the point of Dan Brown’s book, a point made in Edward, in “Marbles and Hawks,” it is remarkably difficult to achieve.

It is not surprising that the end of the Da Vinci Code is somewhat anticlimactic, nor is it surprising that the belief generated in many millions by that book, and by the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, appears to have had little effect on the World. The problem is we look through the wrong end of the telescope; we try to bring the Grail to us rather than us to the Grail. So it has been in history, if that well intended and earnest king, Richard III, tried to use it (as I believe he did) it should be no surprise that his world shrank rather than expanded. Yet it is not to be thought the guardians do not make a difference, by moving themselves they do move the World. the comments left at the article are also very interesting.

Here is a video that I think helps explain why women see the answer to "bring us to the Grail, rather than the grail to us" as the author explains. Women are connected in some way to the earth through our hearts and minds. Perhaps men are also connected but have not learned to recognize their power.

This award winning video shows the vastly increasing power of women -

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Follow the White Rabbit

"Wake up, Neo.  The Matrix has you.  Follow the white rabbit."  

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All of us can remember that awesome scene where Neo sits in front of his computer and those words magically appear on the screen. "Follow the white rabbit". Neo "wakes up" and tries to delete the message. "Follow the white rabbit". Neo tries the escape key. Knock, Knock. Neo is startled by a knock on the door. Choix and DuJour are two hours late. Choix invites Neo to "unplug" and get some R & R. Neo declines and then he sees a "white rabbit" tattooed on DuJour's shoulder.

Neo wants to just close the door and go back "to sleep". But something  calls to him to accept this call to mission. What to do?

Follow the white rabbit.  The inner mind and heart know instinctively what is being said here.  The brain gets a little foggy on it, though.  The difference between the 'brain' and the 'mind' in a person is obvious.  The former is assigned the task of filtration (sorting sensory stimulus and collating knowledge) as well as concentration on life's goals.  The latter gets to sift through infinite options, interface with Spirit, and decide which "possibilities" to feed into the brain for printing and saving to the hard disk.

The mind sits offsite, well outside our 3D reality "box," gazing off at the horizon--while the brain works hard to tie our shoes, pay the bills, and keep this wobbly "life project" on track.  The former is a "test pilot" on a Multidimensional Ship.  The latter is his faithful "ground crew," that keeps the Ship in its sights, and transmits data back and forth across hyperspace.

Who is in charge, in this dance of opposites?  One is attached to dry land, and one flings itself through space and time.  Who gets to call the shots?  Who gets to define the language for that divine interchange that will inevitably take place? 
The Reconnection's respond: "They "both do."  They would then turn around and add:  "And Neither of them does."

As we read through their transmission The Illusion of Control our polarized minds run smack dab into a wall that blocks our imagination.  Age-old theological questions about "free will vs. the sovereignty of God" are suddenly merged and alchemically sealed together, forever.  Both "self" and "other" are the same.  And yet they appear to be different.  And that appearance, that perception is the very purpose of our journey here, in the World of Form.  It boggles the mind, and it jangles the emotions.

And here, my friends, is exactly where we find ourselves.  Boggled and jangled, waiting fearfully by The Gate, wondering whether or not to go through it.  And then........along comes this white rabbit............

What to do?  What to dooooooooo?
 Are we brave enough to take that leap of faith?

The symbols and metaphors of our inner consciousness--our own personal "primer" to be sure, are waiting to guide us.  Are we willing to believe them?  When we feel that "twinge" of excitement go through us, upon hearing a name, or pondering an option for learning, are we willing to give credibility to the invitation which asks:  "Do you want to come with us to a club?"  Or, like many of us do, will we habitually respond:  "Sorry.  I have to go to work in the morning."

And who is waiting for us there, at the club?  A beautiful being named "Trinity?"  The love of our life, the path to our transformation?  Or, as often is the case, will we find a bunch of drunks, banging their heads to loud music, which still seems to be ringing in our heads in the morning, when the alarm clock goes off? 

No one knows the answer to this until they go and look.  And, to complicate matters, our finite minds do not always see and understand the tiny "steps" that are given to us in a moment of inspiration.  What did Ellie Arroway's dad keep telling her in the movie "Contact?"

"Small moves, Ellie.  Small moves."

Thanks to  Daniel Jacob at Follow the White Rabbit 

So how do we break out of this Matrix we have created for ourselves? By creating a new way of thinking. And it's not nearly as hard as it sounds. Here is some wonderful food for "thought".

YOU are the HOLY GRAIL........... yes YOU!

A great sage said, "Man's greatest need is to be needed". There was a void in the universe before you arrived. The whole of creation desires you to be. This imparts a great sense of satisfaction, the realization that you are vital to existence. Where you are at this very moment is perfection realized. Beyond your past actions, beyond your belief of who you are, beyond others perception of who you are - lies a perfect being waiting to be recognized. WAKE UP from the dream! Only when you claim your divinity can you truly experience the divine. Be the perfect cup, the Holy Grail, to receive the divine fount. You cannot seek perfection, rather you must REMEMBER your perfection. All of creation is a reflection of God's perfection in you. Recognize the divinity in others, even when they are cruel. You will find great peace when you embrace the truth that God experiences his creation through us. When you forgive, when you love, when you embrace yourself, you move as a powerful hand of GOD. We ARE the body of God and no one must be forgotten or left behind. As a member of the "Body of God" you have an opportunity each and every day to be the answer to anothers prayers. Reach out and love yourself as divine, just as you are, that it may overflow to others.

There is a WAR on for your mind, learn how to win that war and follow the White Rabbit at this most informative blog