Friday, December 10, 2010

This wonderful season of love


I find myself learning to trust my life and love each and every moment of it. Most days are so filled with peace and joy that sometimes I worry that I will wake up from this most wonderful dream. I know truly that I am a child of love and am much loved. All I have to do is return the love.

I love that each day my email sends me love bombs of articles reflecting the love that is all around me and mine for the asking. I am in such a good place.

I wanted to share my article of today -

The Heart of Christmas
by Puran Bair

The birth of the Christian Messiah is an event of such magnitude that it corresponds to a change in direction on the horizon of the planet. For  several days after the winter solstice, the sunrise appears at the same spot on the horizon. The day appointed for the birth of Christ is the first day when the position of the sunrise appears to change direction, reversing the shortening of days and beginning a period of greater light.

Christmas is the heart of Christianity, a time of rejoicing for the miracle of birth and rebirth, heralding transformation and forgiveness through the peaceful birth of the Prince of Peace, who has not yet said a word of His message nor yet performed an act of His love.

Hazrat Inayat Khan: "In reality the greatest miracle of Christ that any wise man or woman can see is the miracle of Christ's living heart; not wonderworking, but the living God presented to the world. This was the lighted faith which helped the darkness to vanish, not dogmas, doctrines, or theories which all came afterwards."

The heart of Christmas is celebrating the birth of the divine within, in the manger of the heart. A divine gift was conceived in each human soul, but it must wait to be delivered until the opening of the heart. Every time this happens to any of us, the wise men and women who are aware of the initiation gather to celebrate.

Every Christian who seeks for the Truth of Christ is a Sufi, for Sufi literally means, "Seeker of Truth." And every Sufi recognizes Christ as the savior of humanity. As Hazrat Inayat Khan, the great Sufi teacher, said,  

"In the smile of the innocent child, there is Christ; in the warmth of the mother's heart for her child, Christ is hidden. In the unselfish, self-sacrificing love of the father, Christ shows himself. In the kindly attitude of a friend you can see the spirit of Christ. What is there which has beauty, tenderness, or gentleness which has not the spirit of Christ?"

Frankincense, used in worship and medicine; myrrh, used in embalming; and gold, of eternal worth, were given to the divine child in recognition of His dominion over life, death and eternity. We celebrate the birth of the Christ within, every day that we recognize the divine in ourselves or another. By our praise of a person's heart, in any of its four dimensions, we offer a golden gift of beautiful fragrance, a gift of healing and celebration that brings to life that which we recognize.

I celebrate the opening of your heart, the increasing light of your being and the truth of the divine within you by saying, "Merry Christmas!"