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An Awesome Journey

Today March 18th is Edgar Cayce's birthday, and another psychic and healer is Stuart Wilde. I return to this one article over and over. And all one has to do is turn on the news to realize that everything in this article is all coming true. I stopped worrying about the future the day that I read this, and I know that all will be fine...and the meek shall inherit the earth. Just turn on the news...

An Awesome Journey

Stuart Wilde

May 2004

You may have noticed that since January things have gotten lighter. From time to time, little invisible ‘hope bubbles’ burst around you, and for a brief moment you glimpse the answers and you know everything will be fine. There is a shift underway. Loads of people have felt it. It’s very exciting. I’ll explain below.

Years ago, I wrote that we are like mice scurrying about in a garden. The cats sit on the roof and watch us; they control our lives. They are the transdimensional ghouls that control the subconscious mind of this planet in secret, and then there are their human representatives, who are possessed by the ghouls, often without knowing it. Those people act as prison guards over us. We are in a slave camp under a dual domination––human and non-human.

I knew by the mid 90s that one day someone would have to make a run for it. At first, I naively thought I’d act as a guard for the first ‘runner’. After the mid-90s I kept watching everyone I met. I’d look them in the eye to see if they had the knowledge and the courage to become the bolter. I searched through ten thousand people or more. Some might have had the knowledge but they didn’t have the courage, and some had courage but no tenacity.

Most were too cozy or too scared, or they were too self-obsessed or ineffectual to be any good. Many would talk about themselves endlessly, pontificating, but they would never lift a finger to help. I remember one chap, a spiritual teacher, a back belt, martial arts master, announcing in a loud voice to a group that he would stand with me shoulder-to-shoulder to the very end. I was a bit embarrassed by the way he was showing off. I said, “Thank you Sir, I have very few allies.” The next day, I looked round and he was gone, off to a Tantra temple for a bit of ceremonial bonking. I never heard from that man ever again, not one word. Funny eh?

I never found the bolter; she found me. It was March 2001—the Morph had arrived, beings walked through the walls, the world went soapy-looking and a massive “Q” hundreds of yards wide appeared in the sky for eight hours over the house in Australia. In May of that year, the bolter and I started our run. I thought I was protecting her but I soon saw that she was protecting me just as much, if not more. It was a combined operation. In certain types of perception and situations, she was way faster than me, and in other forms, I was faster than her. Between the two of us we made a good team. One slept, the other stayed awake and so forth.

You have to imagine two journeys at once. One across an inner world that is utterly demonic and the other across this physical plane, so, we were chased by ghouls in both worlds all the way.

The ghouls can enter the mind of any human and influence him or her to attack haphazardly for no reason at all. The person doesn’t really know why they are doing it. Semi-trucks would cross the road to wipe us out, six on one day at the height of it. Spooky men would attack in bars, getting furious at two strangers that had not said a word. They would come for us. We’d stand our ground. Usually they would back off but a few times they didn’t. The girl is five foot two and one hundred and ten pounds but I never once saw her back down. She was always there, front foot forward, fists up. I can’t tell you much about her, she is a very private person, but I will say she’s jolly brave and very fast.

We had a lot of help. With the “Q” came an eye, a very beautiful female eye. We’d lay in meditation and watch it. It would show us what to do and where to go, and if there was extreme danger it would appear suddenly, even when we had our eyes open, hovering in front of us. In those moments, the eye would go really spooky-looking as a warning to us, and then it would show us what was coming up the street or round the next corner. Usually I drove and the girl watched with her eyes shut. We ran at night and hid by day. We did that for one hundred and sixteen days. Twice we fought a full-on war with the flying ghouls—once at Tudela in northern Spain and then at La Napoule, near Cannes, in France. Imagine the sky suddenly full of sixty to a hundred flying objects, UFOs of various shapes, all going crazy chasing you, trying to harm you.

I had no respect for them in the end, I’d give them the middle-finger and I’d drop my jeans and moon them. The celestial forces had given us a form of flying triangle; it fired off the left wrist, acting like a boomerang. It would lob through the air as if guided and whack the ghouls and bring them down. The ghouls had never seen one of their own bought down. It scared them and made them crazy. They attacked all the more.

Then a wobbly snowball-looking vortex appeared getting closer and stronger all the time. With it came a gravitational anomaly that vibrated one’s leg uncontrollably. My friend fell into an enchanted sleep like a coma. I was really frightened. I shook her and screamed in her ear but she didn’t hear me. I thought she was dead.

Eventually, later that night, I went down a very tight tube and I got sucked out of the ghouls’ land and out of 3-D, into a new universe, another dimension. It was the most frightening moment of my life. Eventually, I came back. It took eight hours. I couldn’t find my legs for a bit. I fell over and through the floor. Later my friend came out of the coma. That sure was a rainy night in Georgia, I’m telling you––never been through anything like that before or since.

Once the hole was breeched I thought the war was over. Not so. The ghouls went ballistic. They knew intuitively their end would now come. Beings started to pour into this world—celestial ones. We called them ‘Tall Boys’. Not many at first, but more later. Meanwhile, we had to make the journey back across the ghouls’ land to be fully restored in 3-D. That took a further thirty months. It was the worse hell one could ever imagine. We were getting whacked all the way; at times we were close to suicidal.

You see, going in, we had a lot of speed and the element of surprise; the ghouls never expected two humans to make a run for it. Further, we had a lot of help from the celestial transdimensional beings that wanted us to succeed. We couldn’t have done it without them. As much as we tried to fool the ghouls, we couldn’t shake them very often. The beings helped enormously—teaching us new tricks, hiding us at times, sending the ghouls round the wrong way in error.

We initially got through to the other world in one hundred and sixteen days, but the way back was long and hard and very different. It was as if now, the demonic had a good fix on our exact position and everything nasty in the human shadow and all the flying ghouls were there to greet us. The journey back was thirty months of hell with the ghouls tormenting us all the way. But the ‘eye in the sky’ that we called Sheesh, was always there. She never let us down. At times, unbeknown to us, we seemed to sucker the ghouls out of hiding. They’d chase us; we’d run wherever instructed, and the celestial forces would lay traps for them.

There was a major ambush set in the Scottish Highlands in November 2002, at the time of the lunar eclipse. The ghouls were badly hurt and even more celestial beings poured in. In January 2003 there was another hit but a small one, and then the big one came with the lunar eclipse on May 4th 2004. For some reason I don’t understand, the lunar eclipses disorient the ghouls; they go spongy and slow, and they don’t know where there are. That night was Armageddon for the ghouls, “hasta la effin’ vista, baby”. The early pinprick of a hole was now a massive crack in the fabric of space and time; a hole so big it could not be defended by the ghouls. The celestial beings poured in here, into our 3-D world by the millions on that night and the few days that followed.

It will take several months for the celestial forces of the Goddess to spread out and establish themselves, and as they go they have to battle the ghouls and back them off, so it’s not a clear run, though the final result is now guaranteed. It is very difficult to comprehend idea of angelic forces that go to war—celestial beings that are here on earth that you can’t normally see, fighting battles against demonic beings that are also mostly invisible. But that is the story, trust me.

I saw a vision as a video clip in the mind’s eye, of an aerial fight over England, that was just a few days ago. The celestials were taking on the flying ghouls, some of which are UFOs. The battle is on. Luckily we don’t have to fight it. It’s being done for us. Certainly, there may be minor set backs and delays because no matter how hard you hit the ghouls, they always bounce back but never at the same level that they were before. It’s slow progress bit-by-bit.

What this new victory means is that the influence of the negative forces in your mind will die down and you’ll feel an ever-increasing sense of worth and a connectedness to all things divine. In addition, irritating medical complaints that haven’t healed for years will gradually clear up once the ghouls aren’t feeding the irritations. Part of what they do is to feed imbalance in the body to make you uncomfortable. So you operate less effectively.

The other thing you will find is that your inner light that was covered and clouded deliberately by the forces of darkness, will suddenly start to shine at its normal level—its true level. People will react to you in a more positive way. You’ll see them smile at you in the street. You will start to get better results. Your light has been deliberately cluttered and polluted by the ghouls so that you wouldn’t make much headway, but now, gradually, it will shine more and more and it will go out to others and they will react positively.

Globally, things will change. Right now, the world is run in secret by racist elitists that are cruel beyond words; they manipulate everything to their terrible ends. These are the modern black magicians—the closet Nazis, the racist elitist rulers hand-in-hand with the industrial-military machine. These people may not worship at a temple necessarily, though many do, but they are still initiates of the dark none-the-less. They use fear and the dark and their institutional power to dominate and milk humanity. They have utter disdain for the well-being of others. They are the pompous purveyors of the Grand Lies, fed to us by their media. And of course, they are beyond the law. They can do with us as they wish but that will all change.

These big families and groupings of the elite are fortresses of the ghouls’ power base; they can’t be easily wiped out. So they will be degraded and softened up over time. The ghouls are quick but they are anal and stupidly predictable. Yet the forces of the Fractal Queen, which is what we call the military part of the celestial armies, operate slowly, but they are clever beyond anything you can imagine. They will work to pull governments and the big families into a sucker’s trap, one that has been carefully prepared for them. It doesn’t matter if it takes years. These people will not escape, not even one of them. They are already trapped without realizing it as yet.

There is much about the celestial forces and their world that we don’t know but when they act to strip the ghouls away from a protected person or a protected system, let us say, a gang of slave traders in Gabon, then those individuals begin to see their shadow. It is their evil coming back at them that destroys them. They start to fight amongst each other and their shadow literally eats them. It is an evil that is now no longer hidden. Imagine a terrible monster suddenly let loose after years of captivity. It wants vengeance for its entrapment now that it is loose and free to operate, and the nearest thing is the human that created it, the human from which it came. The shadow is a real being, an identity in the global mind, not just a ‘collective’ of ideas in a person’s psychology. In the end, the dark will go crazy and destroy themselves. Or in some cases, the shadow of other humans rises up and kills them.

In the next few years, you’ll see institutions that have been callously sold to people as holy and good begin to crumble, and the people involved will be seen as the dripping slime that they really are: The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, various churches, the Mormons are in for the high jump, bent charities, the Royals, Mafia politicians in South America, sex slavers in Asia, and so on. The mighty will fall one after the next, crying like a stuck pig, protesting their innocence. It won’t help them because their darkness will be obvious for all to see. This will create great fear and many people will straighten up double quick and come clean.

For others, it’s a time of celebration as goodness will finally break out everywhere, out of its stranglehold, and communities will become warm once more, and the milk of human kindness will be seen where previously it has been totally absent. The stingy, fearing sudden collapse, will suddenly become open and generous. The world will change.

In the past, it has been said everything rests in a divine order, but while we lived in the empire of the ghouls that wasn’t always the case. But they have had their time, now it’s our time. The reign of the Goddess will now begin and gradually you really will see a divine order emerge. It is all meticulously planned. Nothing is left to chance.

We don’t really have to do very much, just be yourself and enjoy life. It will all work itself out. Just become a good person, make peace with humanity, become warm and generous, live and let live, forgive and forget, and look around to see how you will serve others if you don’t already do so.

I went on this awesome and terrible journey as grown man but inside I was a terrified little boy. When I got back three years later, I was in awe of what I saw, I will never be the same. I’m still a little boy. The only difference now is I am no longer pretending to be a grown-up.

I saw the celestial beings that truly do have command over this planet, and I was sucked down a tube into their world. At times, it was love and bliss so painful I begged to be let released of it; I felt I would die. My heart was too small to cope with their world. The word ‘god’ does not even come close; my concept of god was pathetically inadequate. The celestial beings are eons beyond human evolution. They are the light of a trillion universes.

Their power is that of love but it is also very frightening. They are not bound by the laws of physics as we know them. And they are not going to allow the world to continue along its current path any longer. They will not let these people destroy the heart and soul of the world. They will not let us ecologically destroy the planet. But you need have no fear of them, just surrender to the love that is in the light and let it show you the way. Simple. Remember, it has come to set you free.

I finally see what it means when the book says, “The meek will inherit the earth.” They are all that is left after the arrogance falls. No one has to fight anymore, you just wait for the fat controllers and all the ones that think they are so chosen and special to tumble. Just stand back and watch the death of the global-ego, we are pallbearers at its funeral.

So that is the story, morning glory, in very simple terms––a thumbnail sketch of the first chapter, ‘how the beings arrived’. That was the war in heaven. How the war on earth pans out against the institutions and the black magicians will be on the nightly news.

The glory follows naturally as the power of Light is re-established on earth, for a long while anyway.

© Stuart Wilde 2004

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