Sunday, September 14, 2008

Copy Cat

I have almost zero comments on my blog. But one comment that was left here felt like an arrow straight into my heart. The poster seemed to think I was stealing her writings and posting them here for my own.

I have no claim to any of the beautiful things that I paste and copy here. Just like I decorate my home with beautiful paintings by artists other than myself, and read beautiful literature by wonderful authors other than myself. I cherish beautiful things that make my heart sing, things that feed my brain , my eyes and my heart. I always try to make sure the original poster is given credit for their work.

I appreciate wonderful things but as of yet have not been able to create any of my own. Still trying though, the wonderful artist Varo whose works follow below only began to paint in the last ten years of her life.

And in my own little way, this blog, is my creation, even if most of it is merely appreciation of other's works. But is that a bad thing? Perhaps in my own little way I help to point out bits of beauty and song here and there.

I hope so.

So please if I have offended by my copying and pasting to my blog, please forgive me, I had only cherished what you had created and wanted to save it in my treasure box of curious and beautiful things.

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