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The Great Story

Thomas Berry – The Great StoryMar 18, 2008Positive News Issue 55

‘The Great Story is the story of the changing story. Whenever a new discovery is made in the sciences, this creation story changes. Change is to be welcomed — not feared.’A brilliant and moving new 50 minute documentary DVD on the life and work of a most respected and eminent elder, Thomas Berry, is available to buy from GreenSpirit Books. “This is a powerful film about one of the most important thinkers of our time,” says Matthew Fox, renowned theologian, priest, author and exponent of ‘Creation Spirituality’.‘The Great Story’, also known as the ‘Epic of Evolution’, is humanity’s story of creation. It is the 14 billion year long science-based sacred tale of our cosmic genesis, from the birth of the galaxies and the origin of Earth’s life, to the development of consciousness and the onset of human technology. Using wonderful images and music, the film begins with the natural world and all its beauty, as the narrative yarn of creation unwinds.

Thomas’s life work is to wake us up to this special and sacred story. “We’re mad,” he says, “for the way we are despoiling our home, our planet, its beauty and its living systems. What can be more cosmically significant than the fact that we humans are presiding over the greatest extinction spasm of the past 65 million years? We are the ones who are responsible.”

Thomas urges us all to try and change our ways. In poetic language, he leads us into the ecstasy of union with the divine beauty of creation. At the very heart of the film is Thomas’s experience of the universe as a cosmic liturgy. His insight says: “The universe is not a collection of objects but a sacred communion of subjects.” His values are rooted in this sacredness, which includes the entire natural world – the mountains, rivers, animals, birds, fish and vegetation. Thomas believes that these living organisms are not there for our use but for a union of being, which is necessary for us to become who we are. Thomas Berry’s venerable voice needs concentration at times but it is worth the effort in order to really appreciate the supreme significance of this film.

“As a theological person,” says the Rev. James Parks Morton, founder of The Interfaith Centre of New York, “it really turned my whole thinking upside down.”

‘Thomas Berry - The Great Story’ on DVD is available from GreenSpirit Books Tel: +44 (0)1380 726224Website: BerryPhoto: © The Gaia Foundation

And the spirit of John Lennon lives on in his son - Julian who is accomplishing some wonderful things. Julian is a wonderful metaphor for all of us old baby boomers and children of the 60s and the evolution of our children and our children's children. It's all so wonderful.

Sex, Love and Oxytocin: A Real Love Story

I've been corresponding with a man who totally understands the oxytocin bond, and has very powerful ideas about the male/female, sex/love dichotomy. He has kindly allowed me to publish his story. Warning: You may, like me, be jealous of his marriage. -- Susan

Intrigued by research results of oxytocin, and the need to help repair a damaged relationship with my wife, I decided to try using oxytocin. I was especially interested in oxytocin when I saw it described as a “bonding” hormone – that really resonated with me. And, it resonated with me because my wife and I have been working on re-bonding for about a year now . . . .

My wife and I had gone through a very rocky period where our relationship (after 27 years) hit a very low point; we were both upset at each other, felt resentful toward each other, and were seriously considering divorce. The rocky period lasted 3 years. We decided to enter into marriage counseling, and that has been very helpful; much improvement has been made and we both feel very confident about our future together, once again.

About 3 months ago, a friend who provides alternative healing therapies pointed me to research going on with oxytocin. As I read many articles and books, I found one aspect of oxytocin fascinating: the bonding aspect. When I read this, I realized that the oxytocin effect was what I had been trying to tell my wife about for years, related to our sex life. She and I always viewed sex somewhat differently: My appetite was stronger than hers, and I placed a much higher value on it than she did.

During many counseling sessions and private talks while we worked on our marriage, I told my wife that something special happened to me when we had sex. It went past the physical pleasure, way past it. During and after sex, I felt a recharge, a recharge of energy, of confidence, and a major recharge of my feelings of love and care toward her. I also felt that she loved me at those times. I was more productive, more creative at work. The world seemed brighter and more welcoming.

The recharge feelings were very strong and would persist for days, then start to slowly dissipate a week or so later. By two or three weeks, those feelings were low - a recharge was needed. Over the years, I have wondered, why these ups and downs ? If I love my wife, why does my interest in her drop low sometimes ? Do I really love her ? Am I oversexed ? Is something wrong with me ?

When I would discuss this with my wife, she would say, “OK, I get it - sex is important to you, but don’t you realize I love you when I do other things, like cook meals, take care of the kids, do your laundry ?” I would respond, “Yes, those all matter too and make me feel you care for me and love me, but the feelings for you that I derive through sex are so much stronger.” She would typically shake her head, not understanding why sex was so important to me. She told me many times that I placed way too much importance on sex, and this was the basic problem between us. (I can only imagine how many times that same conversation has happened in other homes !) Later, after she and I learned more about each other, and about oxytocin, she took on a completely different view.

When I thought back to the beginning of our “bad” times, I saw the cause. Due to an illness and others issues my wife was facing, our sex life began to decline. Our normal pattern of sex once or twice a week declined to once every 3, 4, or 6 months. This really affected me – I didn’t know anything about oxytocin, how it worked, and that it was released during orgasm, but I knew this; my feelings for her declined as our sex life declined. When I tried to talk to her about this and its impact on me (and us), she was preoccupied with other issues, or just not interested, and I ended up feeling alone, abandoned, and eventually decided that she no longer cared for me (this wasn’t true, but at the time I was convinced it was). When I decided she no longer cared, I stopped caring for her, and my behavior reflected it. 3 years of pain followed.

Now, I see a few things more clearly. There was a “withdrawal” going on with me when our sex life almost ceased. I was not just missing the physical part; I was missing the oxytocin effect which made me feel bonded to her, made me feel that I loved her, made me feel that she loved me. I now see why I feel like doing caring, thoughtful, loving things for her when we have an active sex life, and when we don’t, it is a struggle some days to think and feel that way. While I know I also benefit from oxytocin release thru non-sexual activities (and I have definitely felt those lately), not one of those compare to the sex-related oxytocin; it is so much stronger and lasts longer.

Now to my experiment. Since we had been actively engaged in repairing our relationship, when I learned about oxytocin, I wanted to try it to see if it would have an effect on my wife and I. I was looking for ways to help bring us closer, to help us bond, help us rekindle our love feelings for each other. And, oxytocin looked like just what we needed !

I bought some Liquid Trust, which, as you know, claims to have Oxytocin in it - not sure how much - manufacturer says potency is a trade secret. Anyway, it’s a spray to be used on your body or clothing. Instructions say it is odorless and lasts between 2 and 4 hours. Instructions say to use it "whenever you want more trust in the people around you, and when you want more passion".

I first tried it on a Friday morning, applying 2 spays on my shirt before I went to work. Interestingly, as soon as I sprayed it on, I immediately smelled it, quite strongly, which surprised me as it was supposed to be "odorless". All morning I felt like “something” was happening, but saw no real evidence of it. I work mostly alone, so its affect on others around me that morning were not observable. I could not tell if I thought something was happening simply because I hoped it would. One thing I was sure of – I could smell this odorless spray. This persisted all morning.

My wife and I had a counseling session at noon that day and before I left for it, I re-applied the spray as it had been over 4 hours since the first application. I am normally a bit anxious before these sessions as there have been some sessions where issues were raised that caused a lot of tension. I felt a bit anxious as the session started, but that soon dissipated. When I saw my wife at the beginning of the session, she appeared extra radiant and beautiful. She was in good spirits and no big, heavy issues came up in counseling. By the time the hour was up, I was mesmerized by her - I couldn't stop looking at her and admiring her glow and beauty. Even though I had an important meeting at 1:00, I blew that off and we went to lunch.

Lunch was extra delightful. At the restaurant, I found myself noticing others more and striking up conversations with people spontaneously. I found myself smiling at others and them noticing and smiling back - more than usual. While we were eating, my wife was talking but I was soaking her in - her smile, her laugh, her hair - all were extraordinarily glowing and wonderful. I was smitten big time. Everything she said was interesting. I could hardly remember to eat my lunch. She was the most beautiful, engaging, sensual woman I had ever seen.

After lunch we walked out into the parking lot, I turned to her, held her hands, looked into her eyes and told her that I loved her, would always be with her, and I was coming home early to be with her - and I was 1000 % sincere in my feelings and comments. Her eyes lit up and she was delighted. We parted ways - I had to go wrap up things at work and get home !

When we re-joined at home, the afternoon was delightful. The mood was light and happy. We discussed what we would do for the rest of the day and she suggested we plan to go to bed early (her code for sex). The evening was very nice and early bedtime was very good as well. Sex was very nice; it wasn’t astronomical, it wasn’t earth-shaking beyond description, but it was very nice for both of us.

Subsequent uses of the spray have resulted in some similar results, but none as strong as that day. Which makes me wonder how much of the effect was placebo. I decided long ago that whether a perceived benefit is due to the treatment/drug/therapy or is simply a placebo effect, if it delivers the beneficial effect, that’s great – I’ll take it.

Back to my wife’s view of my placing such importance on sex. She has recently told me and our counselor that she has a new understanding of what sex means to me, and what I derive from it. She said in almost 30 years of marriage, she never realized how strongly I was affected by it (positively) and how I was affected without it (negatively). From that point on, our sex life was elevated in priority in our lives, much to my delight as you can imagine. And, this was entirely her idea.

My experiment and what it means. My view is this: I doubt the spray has enough oxytocin in it to elicit the type responses I felt that day (this is only a guess on my part). But, maybe there was a boomerang placebo effect: because I wanted it to work, when I got into oxytocin-friendly situations (pleasant lunch with my wife, feeling good progress made in counseling), then maybe that led to oxytocin release. Regardless of the cause and effect mechanics, it was a striking, profound experience that I attribute at least partially to the oxytocin spray.

Side note. Since learning abut oxytocin, I realized a new meaning (new for me, anyway) to the term, “making love”. Previously, I viewed it as a polite way of referring to sex. But, after understanding a little about how oxytocin works, I now realize that when two people have sex, they are indeed “making love”, creating the feelings of love and bonding that most people would call love. It took 57 years for me to understand this.

I have exposed her to the research materials and she is also fascinated by the subject. She has related to me how and when she knows oxytocin has been released in her - many of her triggers are like mine, and some are quite different. I am so glad I was pointed to people researching oxytocin - like yourself – and that now I understand what was happening to me all these years. Learning about oxytocin has been a big plus for me and my wife.

This article helps me put so much in perspective, I have been so turned off by my husband's need for sex. I need hugs, cuddles, and sweet whispers in my ear, or him to recognize that all of the million things I do for him should show him that I love him. But need to read some more on this amazing thing of what it is to be human. We truly are miraculous beings!

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The Goddess is returning...............

The Curse of the Morrigan

Among Celtic peoples, there were historical Warrior queens, and perhaps the Morrigan remembers them well. Goddess of battle and justice, in the guise of a raven the Morrigan brought fallen heroes to the shining lands in the West, the Summerlands. And it was also the Morrigan who remained to lament those who were dead.

Along the Russian River above San Francisco there is a resort called Bohemian Grove. It hosts a retreat for corporate and military executives, annually attended by some of the most influential people in America. Bay Area political groups also demonstrate there annually, and in July of 2001, a group staged a protest remembering certain tragedies of corporate exploitation. Macha Nightmare, priestess, activist, and writer, wore the Morrigan mask as she stood in the river, washing a business suit saturated with theatrical blood that spread slowly into the water.


You who bring suffering to children:
May you look into the sweetest, most open eyes, and howl the loss of your innocence.

You who ridicule the poor, the grieving, the lost, the fallen, the inarticulate, the wounded children in grown-up bodies:

May you look into each face, and see a mirror. May all your cleverness fall into the abyss of your speechless grief, your secret hunger, may you look into that black hole with no name, and find....the most tender touch in the darkest night, the hand that reaches out. May you take that hand. May you walk all your circles home at last, and coming home, know where you are.

You tree-killers, you wasters:

May you breathe the bitter dust, may you thirst, may you walk hungry in the wastelands, the barren places you have made. And when you cannot walk one step further, may you see at your foot a single blade of grass, green, defiantly green. And may you be remade by it's generosity.

And those who are greedy in a time of famine:

May you be emptied out, may your hearts break not in half, but wide open in a thousand places, and may the waters of the world pour from each crevice, washing you clean.

Those who mistake power for love:

May you know true loneliness. And when you think your loneliness will drive you mad, when you know you cannot bear it one more hour, may a line be cast to you, one shining, light woven strand of the Great Web glistening in the dark. And may you hold on for dear life.

Those passive ones, those ones who force others to shape them, and then complain if it's not to your liking:
May you find yourself in the hard place with your back against the wall. And may you rage, rage until you find your will. And may you learn to shape yourself.

And you who delight in exploiting others, imagining that you are better than they are:
May you wake up in a strange land as naked as the day you were born and thrice as raw. May you look into the eyes of any other soul, in your radiant need and terrible vulnerability. May you know your Self. And may you be blessed by that communion.

And may you love well, thrice and thrice and thrice, and again and again and again:

May you find your face before you were born.

And may you drink from deep, deep waters.

Twin Souls: When Love Incarnates

There can be only ONE

There can be only One. That was the underlying theme behind the Highlander TV series and five movies that followed.

The concept of The One often takes our hearts on a quest to find the Soul (Source) who makes us feel protected and complete, our twin flame. We are encoded to search for the one, which takes us to love and opens the heart chakra.

The theme of "The One" further links to Nostradamus and will be incorporated in my workshop "The Lost Book of Nostradamus" on October 27, based on a hidden manuscript, that tells a prophetic story ending in our time line. We are encoded to believe in, and search out, our connection to a creational source, by any name or description, especially at the end of time.

"Highlander The Source" The_Source goes to 2001, a code that has the same energies as 2012.

The aspects of the film I connected with were:

Anna's visions; it is the female who will 'see' at the end and lead us home.

Good (Duncan) defeats evil (the Guardian), as higher frequencies defeat lower. In our reality the Guardians are not evil. They protect the seed and perpetuate the bloodline (story line).

The Star Child

At the end of "Highlander The Source", we see a fetus. This goes to destruction and rebirth themes which link with 2001: A Space Odyssey and '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Thus Spake Zarathustra' when the towers imploded not far from the river where the monolith stands (see 9/11/07 monolith themes below).

In the film, "Highlander The Source", the planets form a rare alignment with the sun - shades of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider . The Source of our creational story (film) goes to soul sparks, the heart chakra, the eye, or the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, which takes us to 2012, reunion with self, source. Milky Way goes to M and W and the Book of Thoth (See Below).

In the end, there can be only One! Nature
Let's take a look at some examples of how both nature and past cultures have represented the number one. It should be noted that it is difficult to say whether some cultures presented number in their images in a way which concurs with our current interpretation of it consciously or not (and this is effectively impossible in the case of nature's use of number). As already stated, however, the major function of sacred geometry is in that it gives its observer a filter to find connections with, and by doing so increases the intimacy of the observer with his or her environment. Sacred geometry does not necessarily provide ultimate truths in what would be considered a traditionally pure scientific fashion, because that is simply not the point.

Unity or what sacred geometry calls

The One.

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What if?

What if you slept?

And what if,
In your sleep
You dreamed?

And what if,
In your dream,
You went to heaven
And there plucked
A strange and
Beautiful flower?

And what if,
When you awoke,
You had the flower
In your hand?

.... Ah, what then?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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The Physics of 2012

The Physics of 2012 :: (CC) 30 March 07

If the 2012 phenomenon is real, it appears to be more complicated than some assume. My research tells me that in no way does it imply the mass ascension of everyone on this planet, because that would go against the freewill of those who instead of being ready for a higher realm are stubbornly content with the lower. Nor will it happen precisely on December 21, 2012 because that date is supposedly based on only two things: when the Mayan calendar ends and when the sun on winter solstice overlaps the galactic center; the first is of questionable dating while the second already occurred in 1998. The Shift may in fact be more the dimensional effect of a broad wave whose central peak resides on or after 2012, whereby the years immediately before and after the peak might be just as significant. My best estimate is that the window of 2012-2032 is of greater importance than the winter solstice of 2012 itself.

What does the Shift entail? As best as I can tell, it is an ungluing of our consensual collective reality so that the dissonant sectors of the population can diverge onto separate time streams, and then into separate realms of existence altogether. It is a higher degree expression of the same Realm Dynamics underlying our daily experiences. At the moment we all share the same planet, and separation among people of incompatible learning paths amounts to geographic separation at best, but more usually involves a simple synchronistic barrier between them so that they rarely cross paths in life. But as the polarization increases and the repulsive tension between dissonant population sectors grow, and as conditions on this planet increasingly leave less room for everyone’s freewill to be accommodated in the same space and time, there will be increasing pressure for more extreme means of separation. According to Realm Dynamics, what begins as mere dislike between individuals can grow to parting of ways, a parting of timelines, and finally parting of dimensions. It is cellular mitosis on the hyper dimensional scale.

What causes the Shift? Why is it cyclical? Why does it relate to astronomical alignments? It may be that our solar system will be passing through a region of spacetime whose conditions vary greatly from our current region. Or perhaps rather than our going toward it, it is coming toward us. Either way, it is worth hypothesizing what physical mechanism could substantiate the Shift.

It’s possible that radiating outwardly from the galactic center are spiral arms of greatly altered gravitational potential. As our solar system moves around the galactic center, it will cyclically enter and exit these spiral arms so that all planets and the Sun experience a simultaneous change in their gravitational potential. Others may have hypothesized similarly, but in this article I will follow this concept through to its logical conclusion and show you why the implications profoundly explain everything we can confidently say concerning the Shift.

General Relativity: Reaching the Portal Threshold

The galactic center is a super massive black hole, and black holes are exits from our universe. To understand black holes, one must first understand gravity. All masses give off gravitational force fields that cause other masses to fall towards them and vice versa. But underlying this field is a more fundamental field known as the gravitational potential. To make an analogy, if the gravity force field is like the downward slope of a hill, then gravitational potential is the measure of height at any point on that slope. Or if the force field is like wind, the potential is like air pressure. It takes changes in gravitational potential over some distance to produce a gravitational force field, just as it takes changes in height to make a slope that things can roll down, or changes in air pressure to create wind. On earth, each height above the surface (or distance from planetary center) carries a different gravitational potential, which creates a “slope” pointing downward (to the center) causing objects to fall if released.

It is evident from Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity that the gravitational potential also sets the rate of time and scale of space. Clocks run slower and vertical rulers are shorter at lower altitudes because the gravitational potential is stronger there. A black hole is so compact and massive that its gravitational potential some distance away is already strong enough to slow time to a stop and shrink a dimension of space to zero. That distance is known as the event horizon, or the Schwarzschild radius. From our perspective, an object entering the event horizon will appear frozen in time, while the object itself is instantly propelled toward eternity and either ejected out of our physical universe or destroyed in the process.

Anyone entering a black hole will most likely be smushed to death because the changes in gravitational potential near the event horizon are so steep that the associated forces are too much to bear. But remember that it is the gravitational potential itself, and not the force field, that slows time and shrinks space. Therefore it is possible to have the same spacetime bending effects without any dangerous forces if the gravitational potential, despite being intense, varies very little within a given volume of space. It would be like a region of high air pressure without any wind. So as long as the spatial gradient in the gravitational potential is negligible, the potential itself can vary freely without accompanying forces.

Where things get interesting is what happens beyond the event horizon, or to put it another way, beyond the value of gravitational potential necessary to stop time. General Relativity has an equation showing how the gravitational potential determines time dilation:

As you can see, the more negative the gravitational potential, the greater the dilated time. Upon reaching a critical value, the potential causes the dilated time to become infinite, meaning that from our perspective the affected clock would take forever to reach the next second. In other words, that is when its time rate slows to zero. This critical value of potential may be called the portal condition:

The portal condition is found precisely at the event horizon of a black hole, but can exist elsewhere in gradient-free and thus force-free form. If the potential grows even more negative than the portal condition, then not only does the time rate shrink to zero, but it actually becomes imaginary. Unlike real quantities which are multiples of one, imaginary quantities are multiples of the square root of negative one, which in practical terms means “an impossibility in one dimension made possible in another.” What we know as everyday linear time is real time. Imaginary time can vary without a single second of real time ticking by, and so it is the only time that continues to exist after one crosses the portal threshold.

Quantum Physics: Beyond the Portal Threshold

Crossing the portal threshold is equivalent to breaking the speed of light, but without moving an inch. It ejects one from real spacetime into imaginary spacetime, which is called hyperspace according to physics, timespace according to the Ra Material, and antimatter or etheric universe according to the Cassiopaeans. If linear time (real time) is really a loop, then crossing zero time and entering hyperspace would mean exiting from that loop. From there, other loops would become open to exploration. These would be parallel timelines.

After one crosses the portal threshold, how does one navigate, where does one go? This is where Relativity leaves off and quantum physics steps in. When time rate is reduced to zero, there is no longer a difference between cause and effect. Rather these exist as a single state from start to finish, simultaneous and overlapping, like a movie reel just sitting there. These are causal or deterministic sequences, meaning sequences where cause leads to a predictable effect without any surprises on the way. Such surprises are called quantum choice points, places where time branches onto any number of alternate possibilities. These represent nondeterministic events whereby consciousness alone chooses from a multiple set of “movie reels” which one to play next. This choice is represented in quantum mechanics as a particular “quantum phase,” a single angle of alignment or position along the quantum wave function. What is the wave function? Unlike particles, which exist as tangible things in a single universe, a wave function is the collection of this particle’s possible states as existing across all its parallel universes simultaneously. When consciousness observes a wave function, it automatically selects from the wave a single phase to lock onto and turn into an tangible possibility to experience.

So after entering hyperspace, it is imaginary time and the fundamental quantum phase (perhaps they are the same thing) that provide the primary measure markers of navigation. After entering hyperspace, consciousness can automatically phase-lock onto the linear timeline of choice and emerge into it by punching back through the portal threshold into real spacetime.

The Shift as Macroscopic Quantum Wave Expansion

Now, what does this have to do with 2012? Possibly everything. As mentioned, the hypothesis given here is that the galactic center radiates waves or spiral arms of altered gravitational potential. According to the unified field theory, there are a variety of mechanisms to generate such waves. Whatever the mechanism, if the solar system undergoes a gravitational potential change that exceeds the portal condition, our reality would literally become unglued.

See, the reason we are currently sharing the same planet on the same timeline is because we are all phase-locked onto the same fundamental quantum phase and thus the same primary reality. Our individual instances of reality are bound together because we are collectively stuck at the bottom of the same gravitational potential well, like marbles piled together at the bottom of a depression in a rubber sheet. Incidentally, the portal threshold is the amount of potential required to overcome the potential well of the entire physical universe. If the marbles were elevated beyond the lip of the depression they could escape, and likewise if we experienced a boost in our gravitational potential, our collective reality would dissolve. And that is exactly what would happen if we passed through an sufficiently altered region of spacetime, or if a gravitational potential wave passed through us. I believe this is the key mechanism behind the Shift.

Let’s say that 2012-2032 does involve a cataclysmic alteration of our gravitational potential to the point where everything opens up. Then anything would go, anything is possible, future and past merge into a single moment of eternity, spacetime blows up into infinity, and consciousness is blasted into hyperspace. In the years leading up to this point, reality would simply become more plastic and responsive to our consciousness due to the changed gravitational potential loosening things up, but after that point reality would dissolve entirely. And after being tossed into hyperspace, consciousness would simply phase-lock onto whatever reality befits it. Far from being New Age speculation, this follows directly from a creative application of quantum and relativistic physics.

So what the Shift really means in this context is the unlocking of the gravitational chains that bind us to each other, so that a natural sorting or resettling process can occur where individuals can diverge onto new realities that best fit their own spiritual needs, realities that best resonate with their own quantum phase spectrum. The latter part is properly called a “macroscopic quantum wave collapse” — which is a term others have previously used, but here I tell you that this is only half the equation. The other half is meeting the portal threshold in the first place, which is the only way a tangible reality can be “uncollapsed,” and that requires a gravitational potential wave whose peak amplitude is beyond the portal threshold. Put another way, the Shift is a macroscopic quantum wave expansion followed by a macroscopic quantum wave collapse. It is the opening and closing of the door to our reality. The Sampo grinds once more!

What happens afterward depends on the individual in question. Those of the least spiritual polarization and awareness may, like birds too young to fly being tossed into the air, fall immediately back into a limited linear timeline without remembering anything different. Our memories are part of the linear timeline and change along with any alterations to that timeline. Others may have gained sufficient personal energy and spiritual polarization to no longer be stuck inside gravitational potential wells, giving them a new degree of freedom to enter and exit timespace / hyperspace at will. That level of existence is called “fourth density” but here I wish to give a technical hypothesis of what that really means: total quantum phase freedom and conscious navigation through imaginary time.

The Future in Your Hands

Ultimately this means that where (and when) we end up depends on where we need to end up, on the culmination of our spiritual choices in life, and on what resonates most with our soul natures, because it is these that determine what realities we access after entering hyperspace.

That’s why it’s incredibly unrealistic to say that come 2012 everyone on earth is guaranteed to ascend to a higher level. That scenario would violate the freewill of those not ready and encourage passivity since, with ascension being guaranteed, all one needs to do is sit around and wait until 2012 comes, which is no different from the Christian Rapture or other doomsday lifestyles that promote passively waiting for the end. As far as the common criticism goes that even the kind of Shift mentioned in this article is no different from Rapture theories since it deals with a “grand event” that leads to a “judging of people” — keep in mind that the criteria for the sorting process discussed here is based entirely on freewill and spiritual necessity rather than some backwards moralistic dogma, and that the only ones doing the judging are the individuals themselves (or rather their own higher selves).

Realm Dynamics explains why the principles underlying the Shift are the same ones active at a lower degree in our lives everyday. If you want to know what your quantum phase resonance is, look at the kind of experiences you are attracting right now. What is the “theme” of your life experiences? Are you madly clambering for material satisfactions, stepping over others to attain your ambitions? Do you constantly suffer misfortune after misfortune, hostility, and persecution? Or do you strive for greater awareness and balance, with your life having its regular share of miracles? There are a thousand further questions, but these should get you thinking.

To vector onto the optimal reality trajectory, it takes a combination of optimal attitude, awareness, and action. More on these in another future article, but see my research note on attitude vs awareness. The greater your awareness, the more harmonious your attitude, and the more responsible your actions, the more you resonate with positive probable futures. Leave one of these out and the triad is broken, imbalance arises, and problems inevitably creep in.

I believe that if we do our part to empower ourselves, assist others in need, and continually reinforce the connection with our inner voice of intuition and spiritual conscience, we will ever come closer to remembering who we are and why we are here. With this “blueprint” of higher awareness fully activated in our souls, what precipitates from the hyperdimensional state is a new reality in full harmony with that blueprint.

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Hippie Girl

Loving this!

An Awesome Journey

Today March 18th is Edgar Cayce's birthday, and another psychic and healer is Stuart Wilde. I return to this one article over and over. And all one has to do is turn on the news to realize that everything in this article is all coming true. I stopped worrying about the future the day that I read this, and I know that all will be fine...and the meek shall inherit the earth. Just turn on the news...

An Awesome Journey

Stuart Wilde

May 2004

You may have noticed that since January things have gotten lighter. From time to time, little invisible ‘hope bubbles’ burst around you, and for a brief moment you glimpse the answers and you know everything will be fine. There is a shift underway. Loads of people have felt it. It’s very exciting. I’ll explain below.

Years ago, I wrote that we are like mice scurrying about in a garden. The cats sit on the roof and watch us; they control our lives. They are the transdimensional ghouls that control the subconscious mind of this planet in secret, and then there are their human representatives, who are possessed by the ghouls, often without knowing it. Those people act as prison guards over us. We are in a slave camp under a dual domination––human and non-human.

I knew by the mid 90s that one day someone would have to make a run for it. At first, I naively thought I’d act as a guard for the first ‘runner’. After the mid-90s I kept watching everyone I met. I’d look them in the eye to see if they had the knowledge and the courage to become the bolter. I searched through ten thousand people or more. Some might have had the knowledge but they didn’t have the courage, and some had courage but no tenacity.

Most were too cozy or too scared, or they were too self-obsessed or ineffectual to be any good. Many would talk about themselves endlessly, pontificating, but they would never lift a finger to help. I remember one chap, a spiritual teacher, a back belt, martial arts master, announcing in a loud voice to a group that he would stand with me shoulder-to-shoulder to the very end. I was a bit embarrassed by the way he was showing off. I said, “Thank you Sir, I have very few allies.” The next day, I looked round and he was gone, off to a Tantra temple for a bit of ceremonial bonking. I never heard from that man ever again, not one word. Funny eh?

I never found the bolter; she found me. It was March 2001—the Morph had arrived, beings walked through the walls, the world went soapy-looking and a massive “Q” hundreds of yards wide appeared in the sky for eight hours over the house in Australia. In May of that year, the bolter and I started our run. I thought I was protecting her but I soon saw that she was protecting me just as much, if not more. It was a combined operation. In certain types of perception and situations, she was way faster than me, and in other forms, I was faster than her. Between the two of us we made a good team. One slept, the other stayed awake and so forth.

You have to imagine two journeys at once. One across an inner world that is utterly demonic and the other across this physical plane, so, we were chased by ghouls in both worlds all the way.

The ghouls can enter the mind of any human and influence him or her to attack haphazardly for no reason at all. The person doesn’t really know why they are doing it. Semi-trucks would cross the road to wipe us out, six on one day at the height of it. Spooky men would attack in bars, getting furious at two strangers that had not said a word. They would come for us. We’d stand our ground. Usually they would back off but a few times they didn’t. The girl is five foot two and one hundred and ten pounds but I never once saw her back down. She was always there, front foot forward, fists up. I can’t tell you much about her, she is a very private person, but I will say she’s jolly brave and very fast.

We had a lot of help. With the “Q” came an eye, a very beautiful female eye. We’d lay in meditation and watch it. It would show us what to do and where to go, and if there was extreme danger it would appear suddenly, even when we had our eyes open, hovering in front of us. In those moments, the eye would go really spooky-looking as a warning to us, and then it would show us what was coming up the street or round the next corner. Usually I drove and the girl watched with her eyes shut. We ran at night and hid by day. We did that for one hundred and sixteen days. Twice we fought a full-on war with the flying ghouls—once at Tudela in northern Spain and then at La Napoule, near Cannes, in France. Imagine the sky suddenly full of sixty to a hundred flying objects, UFOs of various shapes, all going crazy chasing you, trying to harm you.

I had no respect for them in the end, I’d give them the middle-finger and I’d drop my jeans and moon them. The celestial forces had given us a form of flying triangle; it fired off the left wrist, acting like a boomerang. It would lob through the air as if guided and whack the ghouls and bring them down. The ghouls had never seen one of their own bought down. It scared them and made them crazy. They attacked all the more.

Then a wobbly snowball-looking vortex appeared getting closer and stronger all the time. With it came a gravitational anomaly that vibrated one’s leg uncontrollably. My friend fell into an enchanted sleep like a coma. I was really frightened. I shook her and screamed in her ear but she didn’t hear me. I thought she was dead.

Eventually, later that night, I went down a very tight tube and I got sucked out of the ghouls’ land and out of 3-D, into a new universe, another dimension. It was the most frightening moment of my life. Eventually, I came back. It took eight hours. I couldn’t find my legs for a bit. I fell over and through the floor. Later my friend came out of the coma. That sure was a rainy night in Georgia, I’m telling you––never been through anything like that before or since.

Once the hole was breeched I thought the war was over. Not so. The ghouls went ballistic. They knew intuitively their end would now come. Beings started to pour into this world—celestial ones. We called them ‘Tall Boys’. Not many at first, but more later. Meanwhile, we had to make the journey back across the ghouls’ land to be fully restored in 3-D. That took a further thirty months. It was the worse hell one could ever imagine. We were getting whacked all the way; at times we were close to suicidal.

You see, going in, we had a lot of speed and the element of surprise; the ghouls never expected two humans to make a run for it. Further, we had a lot of help from the celestial transdimensional beings that wanted us to succeed. We couldn’t have done it without them. As much as we tried to fool the ghouls, we couldn’t shake them very often. The beings helped enormously—teaching us new tricks, hiding us at times, sending the ghouls round the wrong way in error.

We initially got through to the other world in one hundred and sixteen days, but the way back was long and hard and very different. It was as if now, the demonic had a good fix on our exact position and everything nasty in the human shadow and all the flying ghouls were there to greet us. The journey back was thirty months of hell with the ghouls tormenting us all the way. But the ‘eye in the sky’ that we called Sheesh, was always there. She never let us down. At times, unbeknown to us, we seemed to sucker the ghouls out of hiding. They’d chase us; we’d run wherever instructed, and the celestial forces would lay traps for them.

There was a major ambush set in the Scottish Highlands in November 2002, at the time of the lunar eclipse. The ghouls were badly hurt and even more celestial beings poured in. In January 2003 there was another hit but a small one, and then the big one came with the lunar eclipse on May 4th 2004. For some reason I don’t understand, the lunar eclipses disorient the ghouls; they go spongy and slow, and they don’t know where there are. That night was Armageddon for the ghouls, “hasta la effin’ vista, baby”. The early pinprick of a hole was now a massive crack in the fabric of space and time; a hole so big it could not be defended by the ghouls. The celestial beings poured in here, into our 3-D world by the millions on that night and the few days that followed.

It will take several months for the celestial forces of the Goddess to spread out and establish themselves, and as they go they have to battle the ghouls and back them off, so it’s not a clear run, though the final result is now guaranteed. It is very difficult to comprehend idea of angelic forces that go to war—celestial beings that are here on earth that you can’t normally see, fighting battles against demonic beings that are also mostly invisible. But that is the story, trust me.

I saw a vision as a video clip in the mind’s eye, of an aerial fight over England, that was just a few days ago. The celestials were taking on the flying ghouls, some of which are UFOs. The battle is on. Luckily we don’t have to fight it. It’s being done for us. Certainly, there may be minor set backs and delays because no matter how hard you hit the ghouls, they always bounce back but never at the same level that they were before. It’s slow progress bit-by-bit.

What this new victory means is that the influence of the negative forces in your mind will die down and you’ll feel an ever-increasing sense of worth and a connectedness to all things divine. In addition, irritating medical complaints that haven’t healed for years will gradually clear up once the ghouls aren’t feeding the irritations. Part of what they do is to feed imbalance in the body to make you uncomfortable. So you operate less effectively.

The other thing you will find is that your inner light that was covered and clouded deliberately by the forces of darkness, will suddenly start to shine at its normal level—its true level. People will react to you in a more positive way. You’ll see them smile at you in the street. You will start to get better results. Your light has been deliberately cluttered and polluted by the ghouls so that you wouldn’t make much headway, but now, gradually, it will shine more and more and it will go out to others and they will react positively.

Globally, things will change. Right now, the world is run in secret by racist elitists that are cruel beyond words; they manipulate everything to their terrible ends. These are the modern black magicians—the closet Nazis, the racist elitist rulers hand-in-hand with the industrial-military machine. These people may not worship at a temple necessarily, though many do, but they are still initiates of the dark none-the-less. They use fear and the dark and their institutional power to dominate and milk humanity. They have utter disdain for the well-being of others. They are the pompous purveyors of the Grand Lies, fed to us by their media. And of course, they are beyond the law. They can do with us as they wish but that will all change.

These big families and groupings of the elite are fortresses of the ghouls’ power base; they can’t be easily wiped out. So they will be degraded and softened up over time. The ghouls are quick but they are anal and stupidly predictable. Yet the forces of the Fractal Queen, which is what we call the military part of the celestial armies, operate slowly, but they are clever beyond anything you can imagine. They will work to pull governments and the big families into a sucker’s trap, one that has been carefully prepared for them. It doesn’t matter if it takes years. These people will not escape, not even one of them. They are already trapped without realizing it as yet.

There is much about the celestial forces and their world that we don’t know but when they act to strip the ghouls away from a protected person or a protected system, let us say, a gang of slave traders in Gabon, then those individuals begin to see their shadow. It is their evil coming back at them that destroys them. They start to fight amongst each other and their shadow literally eats them. It is an evil that is now no longer hidden. Imagine a terrible monster suddenly let loose after years of captivity. It wants vengeance for its entrapment now that it is loose and free to operate, and the nearest thing is the human that created it, the human from which it came. The shadow is a real being, an identity in the global mind, not just a ‘collective’ of ideas in a person’s psychology. In the end, the dark will go crazy and destroy themselves. Or in some cases, the shadow of other humans rises up and kills them.

In the next few years, you’ll see institutions that have been callously sold to people as holy and good begin to crumble, and the people involved will be seen as the dripping slime that they really are: The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, various churches, the Mormons are in for the high jump, bent charities, the Royals, Mafia politicians in South America, sex slavers in Asia, and so on. The mighty will fall one after the next, crying like a stuck pig, protesting their innocence. It won’t help them because their darkness will be obvious for all to see. This will create great fear and many people will straighten up double quick and come clean.

For others, it’s a time of celebration as goodness will finally break out everywhere, out of its stranglehold, and communities will become warm once more, and the milk of human kindness will be seen where previously it has been totally absent. The stingy, fearing sudden collapse, will suddenly become open and generous. The world will change.

In the past, it has been said everything rests in a divine order, but while we lived in the empire of the ghouls that wasn’t always the case. But they have had their time, now it’s our time. The reign of the Goddess will now begin and gradually you really will see a divine order emerge. It is all meticulously planned. Nothing is left to chance.

We don’t really have to do very much, just be yourself and enjoy life. It will all work itself out. Just become a good person, make peace with humanity, become warm and generous, live and let live, forgive and forget, and look around to see how you will serve others if you don’t already do so.

I went on this awesome and terrible journey as grown man but inside I was a terrified little boy. When I got back three years later, I was in awe of what I saw, I will never be the same. I’m still a little boy. The only difference now is I am no longer pretending to be a grown-up.

I saw the celestial beings that truly do have command over this planet, and I was sucked down a tube into their world. At times, it was love and bliss so painful I begged to be let released of it; I felt I would die. My heart was too small to cope with their world. The word ‘god’ does not even come close; my concept of god was pathetically inadequate. The celestial beings are eons beyond human evolution. They are the light of a trillion universes.

Their power is that of love but it is also very frightening. They are not bound by the laws of physics as we know them. And they are not going to allow the world to continue along its current path any longer. They will not let these people destroy the heart and soul of the world. They will not let us ecologically destroy the planet. But you need have no fear of them, just surrender to the love that is in the light and let it show you the way. Simple. Remember, it has come to set you free.

I finally see what it means when the book says, “The meek will inherit the earth.” They are all that is left after the arrogance falls. No one has to fight anymore, you just wait for the fat controllers and all the ones that think they are so chosen and special to tumble. Just stand back and watch the death of the global-ego, we are pallbearers at its funeral.

So that is the story, morning glory, in very simple terms––a thumbnail sketch of the first chapter, ‘how the beings arrived’. That was the war in heaven. How the war on earth pans out against the institutions and the black magicians will be on the nightly news.

The glory follows naturally as the power of Light is re-established on earth, for a long while anyway.

© Stuart Wilde 2004

Monday, March 17, 2008

Irish Dance

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

A Republic of Spirit

Pisces New Moon, March 7, 2008

“Pisces is an era of storms and of wholesale disintegration. But Piscean winds of destiny may impel [people] of vision and courage to discover many a “new world,” as much as they destroy or suffocate the many who stubbornly resist change. Pisces is an era of often sharp and violent repolarization. It is an era of purgation and cleansing. Tradition has made of the month proceeding the vernal equinox a period of fasting and repentance. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, the devotee of the New Life must learn to identify...willingly with the death of all established structures...must be willing to face the chrysalis state for the sake of the butterfly-to-be. Pisces is the mythical Deluge and the age of universal dissolution....[Humanity] must cling to no stability or no past greatness. “No-security” is...the only possible security

Dane Rudhyar, “The Pulse of Life”

“No security is the only possible security.” (Perhaps we need to share this insight with George Bush & Co.!) We need to understand this lesson of the sign of Pisces if we want to survive the coming years of change and transformation. With this New Moon in Pisces, we find ourselves at the end of a cycle – both a yearly cycle and coming soon, a larger cycle - the end of the Piscean Age. The Mayan Calendar is only one of many indications that our way of life is about to change. And so we all must wake up to the new life that is coming to meet us.

But first we have to acknowledge that we are in the Death aspect of the cycle of Life. And unfortunately, most people don't want to hear that. Fear is the Guardian of the Threshold, the monster that guards the gate of Death. But what Pisces tells us is that once we let go of our security and of our fears, and let God/dess, once we die to the little self, there is Rebirth and Renewal through the larger SELF. After Winter comes Spring. Just ask Mother Earth!

When the time comes to face Death, we discover something: that's when we feel most alive! That's when we find this impossible sense of security in “no-security”! So let's try to understand what Pisces has to teach us.

And so we come to Pisces: finality yet expectancy; gentleness with a touch of mystery; transitions hidden in every corner of your being; issues too great and lofty to involve your little self; an eternal unrest which reflects on the 'unreality' of life.

Since Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, it is the sign that expresses what we've been and done throughout the rest of the Cycle. In Aries, we begin with the importance of having our own sense of identity. In Taurus, we learn about what we value so we can build something lasting. In Gemini, we learn to think for ourselves and communicate with others. In Cancer, we learn about our emotional needs – what nourishes us and grounds us. In Leo, we learn to play and create and express ourselves. In Virgo, we learn to shape ourselves into a whole being. In Libra, we learn to relate to others. In Scorpio, we learn to share ourselves with others. In Sagittarius, we discover our beliefs about Life and Spirit. In Capricorn, we grow up and contribute to our world. In Aquarius, we become part of the larger group. And we end up with Pisces, where we return to our source with the story of what we've discovered about Life.

In Pisces, we learn to let our small ego dissolve into the Divine source of Life and discover new worlds beyond what our senses and consensus 'reality' knows. Creativity and Imagination are the keys to understanding Pisces. Carl Jung's theory of the Collective Unconscious fits Pisces' profile. We return to the Source for renewal.

“Transcendence, overcoming, piercing through illusions and false security, severance of social ties, embarking for the great adventure with utter faith and in denuded simplicity of being: all these things are to be learned from Pisces. Man is here face to face with himself, and with that Greater Self which he names: God...Man sheds here his social vestures and stands bare before God within – that is, before the Christos, the burden of his future Destiny.” Rudhyar
This is the task that has faced Western Civilization for the last 2000 years during the Age of Pisces – and we'd better be ready to finally learn the lesson as we approach its End. Our lives and our world depend on it! And many of us are doing it, aren't we? The energy of Pisces now calls to anyone who has learned some of its lessons to turn back and help those of our brothers and sisters who don't know how to wake up to this great Truth. We are the ones who must put aside temper, anger, rage, selfishness and shine our light so others can see what a Human Being can BE. The world needs shining examples of the Human Spirit.

One of Pisces great lessons is that we cannot abandon those who are not yet 'awake' because the deepest lesson of Pisces is that we are all One, that 'reality' is one organic whole. Pisces highest expression is compassion. Pisces insists that our spiritual awareness is what calls us to help change ourselves and then the world and our culture. It is only through Pisces Inspiration (to breathe in Spirit) that we'll be able to transform our society into 'the Republic of Heaven' - as The Golden Compass's author Philip Pullman names it. No longer a Kingdom – or an Empire – but a true Republic of Spirit.

The Sabian Symbol for 18 Pisces is: In a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance. ...the time has come for the individual to dare to present himself and his works to his community for applause, or for the purpose of attracting a following.

If you have any planets in mutable or fixed signs at 18 degrees, this New Moon will affect your life. Step out onto the stage in the tent and go for it! If you don't know exactly what you want to do, spend time with nature, create some art, listen to music and dance, allow yourself to just BE and surrender to Great Spirit.

This New Moon in Pisces conjoins the planet Uranus – the energy of Awakening, Revolution and sudden changes. (And interestingly, it is opposite the position of the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto that energized the 60s.) A new moon is a seed time, a time of breakthrough and birth. With Uranus energizing it, we can break through the boundaries that bind us to our linear 'reality' and see beyond our problems – which are legion – to their resolutions. Use your imagination to find your Soul's answer to your life. Instead of trying to discover the secret of abundance, perhaps we all need to discover what our Spirit came to this beautiful planet to discover and create.

[A quick aside: As many of you know, I do have a problem with this idea of constantly invoking abundance, which usually means more money or 'things' that we desire. It smacks of Capitalistic Spirituality to me. Abundance of Spirit is the real goal of life. So watch this very sweetly done video called, The Story of STUFF, about how we've been programed to consume – and start concentrating on accumulating riches in your inner world.]

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, is conjoined with Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, helping us connect with our Higher Self and each other. Find your community – we have to learn to work in groups to have a more powerful effect. Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, offers us opportunities to find ways to contribute our talents and our Light to our troubled society. Don't be afraid to speak your truth, and show people your wisdom.

Mars entered Cancer on Tuesday, March 4th – returning to the sign in which it went retrograde back in November. It opposes Pluto hours before the New Moon for the 3rd time at 1 Cancer/Capricorn. (The 1st time on 9/21/2007 at 26 Gemini/Sagittarius; the 2nd time on 1/2/2008 at 29 Gemini/Sagittarius.) While this opposition can cause anger,frustration and explosions of temper, consciously engaged with we can finally discover what we really need to nurture ourselves and our lives in these changing times. What do we really need to have a full and fulfilled life? Perhaps it is the people we love. Perhaps it is helping others. Perhaps it is getting our creative ideas out into the world. Give yourself time this Friday to meditate and let your inner being have a say in what's really important right now.

March 19-20 – Vernal (Spring) Equinox.

As I dare to present myself and my gifts to my community, please come out to my tent and watch the spectacular show!
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Mike Oldfield Let There Be Light


A Homily for Palm Sundayby Rev. Steven Marshall
The Temporary Triumph of the Light before its Obscuration

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. Holy Week recounts a complex and meaningful series of mythic events which lead to the Resurrection on Easter Day. Palm Sunday represents a preparation, a setting up, for the Resurrection to occur. As Gnostics we may differ from the mainstream in our interpretation of these events, as to whether they are literal history or strictly symbolic, or something in between. What is important for us to focus on is that these events recount an interior experience of archetypal dimensions. It does not matter if the events of Holy Week are historical or purely mythical; they have a deep and archetypal meaning to the Gnostic soul. The series of events in Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday, describe a process of our own apotheosis and psychological transformation. Blind belief in historical events is not going to transform us; we must cultivate an experience of this archetypal reality. For this reason we celebrate Palm Sunday not as a commemoration of an historical event but as an archetypal mystery and another step in the process of psychological and spiritual transformation.

This story is one of the most Paradoxical in the New Testament, and for that reason, one of profound, personal meaning for the Gnostic. The Gospel story tells of the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. He rides upon the colt of an ass, a donkey, just as Mary, his mother, rode a donkey into Bethlehem. People lay garments in his path and wave palm branches in celebration. The Revelation of St. John the Divine describes a contrasting image of an archetypal figure on a white horse. “...and behold a white horse, and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True.” We can contrast the archetypal reality of the Saviour upon a white horse with the humble figure of Jesus riding on a donkey. The people who cheered Jesus in his triumphal entry into Jerusalem seem to have seen beyond the humble appearance to see the archetypal reality of Jesus. Yet this insight is short-lived, for some of these same people later yelled “crucify him;” They were expecting a worldly and terrestrial king who would throw off the yoke of Roman rule. And so the Light triumphs only for a brief time before it is obscured by the archons of the world.

Much has been written concerning the political forces and machinations that may have led to the crucifixion of Jesus, yet this is not really the concern of the Gnostic. Our concern is with what this contrasting of archetypal and terrestrial images, of spiritual insight and worldly expectation, might mean to us in our present situation as Gnostics in the world. The Gnosis is not and will never be a political movement, for it transcends any such boundaries to penetrate to the very core of human experience and consciousness.

What these contrasting images can mean to us is both deeply personal and cosmic in scope. The story of Palm Sunday can stimulate the recognition that there exists a royal archetypal reality behind the earthly reality of our own lives. Sometimes it shines through onto our worldly stage of existence -- we have our moment of glory -- but often it is obscured in this material world. We often suffer revilement and condemnation when we do not meet others worldly expectations. The palm branches that we receive on Palm Sunday might, therefore, represent the recognition of our own and each other’s triumphal light and royal spiritual heritage.

The triumph of the Light before its obscuration is an expression of the divine, royal Selfhood within each one of us, that is so powerfully obscured by mundane and conventional reality. There are times when we want so badly for that light to shine out of us, for it to be recognized by the world. When the only vehicle for expression is the ego-personality our strivings to be seen are usually in vain. Personality actually comes from the Greek “persona” meaning “mask.”

While in this terrestrial incarnation, we are like the Count of Monte Cristo in The Man in the Iron Mask; our behavioral gyrations and efforts to have others recognize our light only serve to convince them that we are egotists, madmen or charlatans. Often we create a false glamour that is not our true Self; we put on an entertaining song and dance act; we live a lie and shine forth a false light: or we simply forget about our light and live our lives as if it had never been.

When we are not anxiously attempting to show forth our light, we are often acting in fear of the consequences of letting our light shine. We either turn down our light or turn it off completely, so that we might pass unseen through this world. Yet, “Within a man of light, there is light, and he lighteth up the whole word. If he does not shine, he is darkness.” This is the sham, the cover up, that we are either parading a false light or hiding our light beneath a bushel. The issues are not safety or creative self-expression, the core issues are authenticity and consciousness. We must be conscious of who we really are as spiritual beings and not let either fear or love of the world pervert or hide the authenticity of our own true Self. We must not let ego-inflation or an arrogant and false playing down of ourselves deflect us from the authentic role we have in the divine archetypal drama behind the background of our lives. Just as Gandalf and Strider, in the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein, remain conscious of their spiritual and royal origins and destiny while they pass behind the scenes in obscurity until the time that they must uncloak themselves to the dark powers of the world, so must we be conscious in our spiritual work, neither shirking our spiritual destiny nor running after the accolades of the world. Our spiritual light can never really be seen in this world, for the eyes of the world cannot see it. “The images are manifest to man, but the light in them remains concealed in the image of the light of the Father.” (The Gospel of Thomas) If we live our spiritual lives consciously and authentically we will be hid in that Light whatever befalls us in our mundane lives.

On the mythological and archetypal level of reality , we have our eternal and real parts to play out. Behind the appearances and scenes of our mundane lives, we participate in a mystical and archetypal play of cosmic dimensions. Occasionally we recognize each other for the parts we play in the divine drama, yet even beyond this, we are archetypal and royal beings with the capacity to enter that realm of consciousness where we are flames of the Divine Light dwelling together in love and unity, embracing and merging without physical touching or separation of flesh. It is when we do not recognize or we forget our true royal Selfhood, when we are lacking in self-esteem and fearful, that we have problems with others. To recognize our own light we must recognize it in others. We must begin the process of Holy Week by seeing through appearances to the background of spiritual and archetypal reality within ourselves and others. When we have and can hold onto this insight and not let it be obscured by worldly expectations, then we will know even as we are known; we will recognize the pearl whether it is anointed with balsam oil or cast into the mud.

Yet this recognition brings with it a great sorrow. It is as if we, as some extra-terrestrial explorers, had to leave some of our closest kin upon some far-flung outpost of the universe until we could return for them. When we returned for them they did not remember that they were alien to this world or that they were kin to another race. All our efforts to remind them brought criticism, scorn or ridicule. Sometimes, at their hands, we were even put to death. This is not to be taken literally but simply as another story by which we may grasp the existential and paradoxical reality of our worldly existence. By remembering who we are and becoming authentically translucent to that reality, we can serve to remind others of who they are and from whence they have originated as well.

The message of Palm Sunday is the recognition that we can become authentically translucent to our interior light of being, which, shining outward, allows us to see through the worldly and temporal reality to the eternal things that are truly real. In the collect for Palm Sunday the Archetypal Self is invoked as Aleph the First and Tav the Last, the beginning and the end, another paradox. In the same paradoxical fashion this translucency to the light is symbolized in the beginning and ending of our terrestrial life. At the moment of birth and the moment of death, it is reported that the skin takes on a strange translucency, as if to give visibility to an invisible and interior light. The young and the old are also closer to the archetypal reality. The old have had a whole lifetime to remind them, the young have not had as much time to forget. The traditional hymn for Palm Sunday includes the refrain “To whom the lips of children made loud hosannas ring.” Children often recognize the archetypal reality of themselves and others, they have not had as much time to forget the spiritual and imaginative dimension of life. The world and other people are more translucent to them. For this reason, those who are awakened to Gnostic insight are sometimes referred to as “little ones.” So we by becoming more authentically translucent to the light within may become more like “little ones.” We can see through the false facade of the world; we can see the archetypal dramas played out; we can see the true royal Selfhood in all of us; we can know ourselves as part of a greater consciousness, who is truly “King of kings and Lord of lords, who is called Faithful and True.”
-- Rev. Steven Marshall